Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful time with John Luke this year. He seemed to be much more interested and excited about all his presents!
And we enjoyed visiting with family! At this age, the company of your family is more enjoyable than what you have under the tree!
I know there are duplicates on the slideshow, but I just copied them's much quicker! I'm excited to see everyone else's sweet pictures!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My silly little man "posing" for me for the first time in his life! {In a much better outfit than the last!!!}

Photo Challenge

Hey LeeAnne! I have just now found the "photo challenge"! So here is my fourth picture in my fourth album: My lovely sister Amy posing as usual...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Christmas I have been dragging behind on everything! I love to do Christmas cards, and I thought I had gotten a head start on them this year, but it turned out that I was stressing trying to get just the right card, with just the right picture, with just the right pose {What was I thinking? We're working with John Luke here!} But anyway, we got them done {Thanks to Lyndsay!!!!} Here are a few I took trying to figure something out!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks like a little baby in this one...

Well, we finally have a Christmas tree! It's pretty sad that we are just now putting up the tree with only 10 days left before Christmas!!! I told you I was running behind on everything!!
Our "tree story" usually sounds the same every year. And this year was no exception. After John chopped and chopped and mistreated the poor tree, he finally got it rigged enough to go in the tree stand. {This drama happens every year...John gets sooooo mad at the Christmas tree because it is never the right size or there is always some adjustments that have to be made and it seems that those adjustments are never simple! So he is usually out in the yard for several hours slinging the tree around and mumbling or yelling about how the stupid tree is not going to fit into the stupid tree stand {everything is stupid} and that it is not going to work and we just need to go buy an artificial tree and be DONE with it!!!!!!! I usually just stand at the window and watch, laughing the entire time! He finally will come to the door and say calmly, "Will this work?" And I say, "Yes, let's just get it in here before you have a heartattack!" He is much more calm and easy-going when it comes to the decorating part. So he and I decorated it Sunday night. As I said, finally {thank the Lord}, here is our tree...

And here is a goofy little boy that lives around here making his mama crazy trying to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Brother!

This sweet little munchkin is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

We have another precious blessing on the way! John and I went for an ultrasound earlier this week and everything looks and sounds perfect! The baby is due July 12th. I still can't get my scanner working, therefore it's a very fuzzy picture. Sorry!

We are looking forward to meeting this little one and loving he or she like crazy! I think John Luke will be an awesome big brother!! We shall see!!! Have a great night!