Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For anyone who may be interested...

I am just now finishing up with this book and I have enjoyed it tremendously. So I guess this is my new book recommendation.

My "book worm" partner.

Just a few pictures of my sweet man.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Everyday when John gets home, John Luke gets so excited! He acts like he hasn't seen his daddy in years!{which is a little impossible since he is only 15 months old, but you get the picture.} John's truck is kinda loud so usually John Luke can hear him pull up and as soon as he does he goes to running around screaming looking out every window to see if he can find him. This day, he happened to find a window that I had pulled the blinds up on so he was able to see him really good. Ofcourse, John makes his "entrance" as dramatic as possible. I think it is sweet and this time I was able to be ready and waiting with the camera.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama's Helper

This little boy makes his mama proud! I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning and John Luke was in the living room playing...or so I thought. When I turned around to check on him I found him dusting the end table! He was even wiping off the pictures! Then everywhere I cleaned he was right behind me. Everything I wiped off, he wiped off. He has really taken to this cleaning business and I'm really liking it!!!

Washing his car...

Cleaning the oven...

And even the garbage can!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been sooooo HOT these days that going outside is pretty much not an option unless we just have to. {I don't know how John and all the guys that work outside in this heat do it. Bless their Hearts!! I know why he is so pooped when he gets home everyday.} So, anyway we are just about to go crazy in this house day after day. Please Lord, send some cooler weather! Here are some pictures from today:

"Peek-a-Boo!" "I see you!"

"Oh, No. She caught me."

John Luke has started hiding. This is one of his favorite spots. He gets himself tucked in this little hole and plays with my Taste of Home dishes {that's what's in the brown boxes} and tears the paper off the picture behind him. He knows all of this is a "NO,NO" and I guess he thinks since he is in that little corner that I can't see him.

I found him in the closet today.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

These two sweet babies played and played last night. They had every single toy in the house pulled out and were playing like crazy. John Luke wanted to hug on Caroline so badly and she was a good sport. She let him pull on her and sit on her and whatever else. I think he was happy to have somebody other than his mama and daddy at his house to play with. We had a good time watching.

Caroline was sitting in my lap and then John Luke came over and tried to sit in her lap.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We Have a Monkey in the House!

John Luke has turned into a monkey! He climbs on everything...all the chairs, people, bathtub, refrigerator, anything and everything! I just keep expecting to hear a big "THUMP" one day and find him on the floor. These are just a few of the times I've been able to catch him in time to get a picture.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh What Fun, Oh What Joy...

it is to PAINT!! Okay, not really. Painting is NOT one of my new-found hobbies! I have never liked painting and I don't think I ever will! Anyway, the girls {and John Luke} went to Troy Tuesday to do some painting at Amy and Kimberly's house. We painted a bedroom and a hallway. We were finally finished around 4:00 Wednesday afternoon. I know now why painters are so expensive. They are worth every penny! I'm not sure why anyone would want to go through that torture!!! We did get one good thing out of it...a good meal. We went to the Santa Fe Steakhouse and that was yummy. Well, it's done thank God and it looks a lot better. Good thing us girls can have a good time doing whatever! And John Luke is right there in the middle of it all! You can tell in the pictures we were all a little worn-out!

This little sweet man was pooped!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Friendly Little Visitor

This slimey little guy appeared in our yard today and this is what John Luke did...

This is when he first turned and noticed the turtle. As you can see he threw his juice down and said "OOOOHHHHH!"

**Every minute - indeed every second - we spend with our children matters! Love is spelled T-I-M-E - time, time, time, and more time; time in terms of minutes and time in terms of years. Indeed, our children call for a lifetime of time! 50% of a child's character and personality development takes place by age three and 75% by age five. Every minute, every second we spend giving the gift of time to our children is an investment in their character and in their future! - Elizabeth George

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are there any "cheapskates" out there?

Or maybe just thrifty mamas. If you're like me, any good deal sounds like a good deal. I have decided whatever I have to do to save $$ I will do it. With that said, I have a few little tid-bits of info. to share with anyone who is interested...
First: I have found a wonderful store named Big Lots. Most of you have probably been knowing about this place forever. I don't know where I have been all these years, but I certainly am glad I now have been introduced to this place. If you have a child like mine that doesn't eat hardly anything, this might be helpful. And if you have a child that will eat anything and lots of it this may save you a few dollars. These are just a few of the snacks I found. The good part is they were ALL $.50 or $.60 a piece! And these little jewels are John Luke's favorite:

This is the big box for .$60! {Shonna, I thought you had said Caroline liked these.}
If anyone is ever interested in making a Big Lots trip, let me know.

Next, I wanted to share with you all a very smart lady I heard on Faith Radio this past week. Her name is Mary Hunt. She is the creator and editor of "Debt Proof Living". She was a former spendaholic and is now an expert in money management. She offers a monthly newsletter formerly called the "Cheapskate Monthly" now called "Debt Proof Living". She also has written a book called "Debt Proof Your Kids". {I have ordered both. If anyone would like to borrow I will be glad to share.} I heard this lady on Family Life with Dennis Rainey. She gave some fantastic ideas on teaching your children money management skills. If you are interested in listening to the broadcast you can go to . Once you are on their webpage click on listen to audio, then past radio programs and you should then see a title similar to "Debt Proofing Your Kids". There are two parts to this broadcast. I thought her ideas were very inspiring. I hope we can use them with our children in the future. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 11, 2008

"Lesson For The Day"

Today I was looking through my book Beautiful In God's Eyes and came across a thought that "hit home" HARD! The title of this particular chapter was "A Watchful Eye, Her Management". {This book is about the virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman} Anyway, Elizabeth George reminds us of a good principle to remember when it comes to life in our homes. 'The people first, then the place'. She quotes a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother by the name of Edith Schaeffer: "Neglected mothers and grandmothers may perhaps have been preparing for their own neglect by teaching over and over again that people's sensitive feelings, and people's need of response is never as important as clean houses, schedules, or rules and regulations." WOW!!! That is just what I needed to hear. As most of you know I am a little on the OCD side with the cleaning and scheduling so this is so me!!! God has been convicting me of my failure to "let it go and have some fun" and what-do-ya-know, He put it right here in this book just to remind me again! She goes on to say when you follow the precept, people first, place second, you'll always be focusing your energy in the right place-the place for maximum beauty!
It would all be so easy if God only expected us to have fun...but no, He expects us to balance the two-keep watch over the people and the home. So, for the second half of that responsibility, Elizabeth says this: "The woman who is beautiful in God's eyes makes sure her home is beautifully attended to." The joke that reports "Most homes nowadays seem to be on three shifts-Father is on the night shift, Mother is on the day shift, and the children shift themselves" must never be true in the beautiful home we are building for GOD!" Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but this is a tremendous challenge for me! So ladies, enjoy the beauty of serving in a little place, a little home!

And...I had to share a picture {or two} of my sweet little man.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Hobby...

READING!!! Yes, I have started reading and actually enjoying it! This is a big surprise to myself because just a short while ago I would not read unless my life depended on it! I certainly didn't do it for fun. But... recently I have really gotten into this reading thing. I have been inspired by other blogs to "mix it up" a little, and I just thought I could maybe spark someone else's interest in slipping in a few minutes of reading during their VERY busy days of motherhood! I have found it to be extremely relaxing and enjoyable. So here are a few of my latest favorites...

These two books by Elizabeth George have been very good. They are easy reads and very applicable to our everyday lives. God has taught me numerous lessons about marriage and family through these books. The "lessons" have been an encouragement and a challenge! Another one of hers to add to the list is A Woman After God's Own Heart.

Thanks to my sweet friend Robin from Bible Study, I had the pleasure of reading this book. It is awesome!

This book was our "study guide" for our last Bible Study. If you haven't read it, trust me it is an "eye-opener"!

I am currently reading this one. So far, so good.

P.S. I meant to add The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. VERY GOOD!!