Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

What more can I say?!?! I have been blessed to have some wonderful friends to take the time to celebrate our precious new baby! First to Kristen and Ashley for getting it all together and making it so sweet! Thank y'all so much! I know it was a lot of work and effort, and I am so appreciative of your thoughtfulness! And to all the friends and family that came. Thank you! The gifts are awesome and I had a GREAT time visiting! Thank you everyone!!!

*I'm sorry I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone and all the gifts, but I am soooo glad you were there!

Sweet, Sweet Hostesses!

Sweet friends...

More sweet friends...

Even more sweet friends...

Beautiful homemade quilt from Grammie

Some of the Sweet family...

Precious diaper bag from Grammie

Precious dress from Natasha

Once again, another precious outfit from DeAnne

Cute and handy-dandy diaper bag from Julie

Sweet Kissy Kissy outfit from Shonna

Have you ever seen such cuteness?? Ashley made this and several other onesies... Kristen made several as well! They are adorable!

Pretty, girly bibs from Ginny... (Ginny, we'll have to get a quick picture in that beautiful white bib and then take it off really quick! It's too pretty to get dirty!)

There were also lots of giftcards, diapers, and wipes! You can NEVER go wrong with those!!! Thank you again to everybody!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It seems lately I have a little Mr. Independent. A couple of mornings ago I was running around doing the normal morning stuff, and looked out the front door and found this...

I thought he was too cute just sitting there taking in the day. (I have decided I must keep an even closer eye on this little stinker!)

Then, later on, I found him here...

He is WAY too curious!

Not only is he a bit independent, but he is also a copycat...

On another note, we went to Dothan today for all of John's routine bloodwork and tests. We won't know about the bloodwork until Friday, but everything else looks great! We are VERY thankful!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mud Baby

This weekend we worked in our yard (Yeah!) and as you can see we have a LONG way to go still, but I'm enjoying it!

Making pudpies in the "flowerbed" of dirt...

"Really, Mama, it's okay!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summertime, Summertime!

Fun in the Sun! I must say I am so thankful for the opportunity to get away and enjoy my family and just, well, get away. Now don't get me wrong, no one on earth loves "home" more than me (except maybe John), but even we like to get away from the craziness of life sometimes and enjoy each other and our precious little munchkin.

The family took our summer vacation to Fort Morgan, Alabama and enjoyed some fun in the sun! I searched and searched for a place for us to go this summer and took a chance on this being somewhere we could all enjoy. Well, the advertisement was definitely right when it said "Very secluded; nice family atmosphere". Secluded is an understatement! But, we liked it that way. We didn't have to fight the crowds nor the traffic just the rats. (I'll explain later.) We did have to drive 20 miles to get to civilization, but being raised in Wing, I wouldn't know how to handle it any other way!!! The weather was perfect. Not too hot with a little breeze most of the time. The beach was not so pretty. It was muddy looking and the shore was dirty with sticks and such, but we mostly stayed in the pool. John Luke decided he liked the pool and he would say, "Mon Mama, Mon Daddy, Mon Nan, Mon Paw, Mon Mamy, Mon Mamy K, Mon Brad, Mon Heath" "Pool!" (And I mean he did NOT leave any of us out!!! He would even take us by the legs and pull on us!) (In case you're wondering, Mon is "come on.") Then John taught him to say "Mon Guys!" And then the Mamys thought that was way too yankeefied so they taught him "Mon y'all!" Needless to say this little boy was directing everybody quite often! If anybody enjoyed their vacation, it was him and that made it worth it all! He had a BLAST with his Mamys and Heath and Brad! He was most definitely the center of attention just as he likes it. (He may have taken after his Mamy in that category just a little). What are we going to do in the next couple of months I do not know. He will have some competition. I'm excited to see how he handles it. Anyway, we are now home doing the worst part of any vacation...UNPACKING! I really do not like this part! And now it will take us a few days, possibly weeks for me the very pregnant lady, to recuperate. Why do you have to always rest up from vacation??? I thought vacation was for RESTING!!

This is how my very furry husband applies sunscreen. Someone told him he probably wouldn't even need to worry with putting that on. He had enough protection with all the fur!


What in the world is this?!!! The "grown-up" children wore these things most of the time they were in the water.

Nan and John Luke had to have some rest after their morning at the pool and eating their bag of white doughnuts (notice John Luke's white mouth)

Bathing Beauty

This was quite a mystery to us. Apparently the folks in Ft. Morgan are accustomed to big furry creatures ( and I'm not talking about John) but RATS!!!!!! These disgusting rodents were running around like squirrels!!! Thankfully not up at the condo, but out by the road and all along the road! We were quite amazed by it, and so everytime we drove in or out, we stopped to scope out the RAT FARM! We even went rat hunting! And Brad and Heath caught one!!! How weird, or maybe I should say GROSS!!!

Looking like Mama with my sunglasses..

We enjoyed it guys!