Monday, June 22, 2009


This is how we stay cool! I'm thinking seriously about jumping in there with him! If the neighbors wouldn't be totally grossed out, I would so DO IT!!!!

John Luke loves to get everyone's hangs---hangnails. And he does a pretty good job!

Happy Father's Day to all the VERY special men in our lives! We love you and are so VERY thankful to have you!

Check out BIG MAMA!

I don't have much spare energy, so I think I'm done! Hope y'all are all good and enjoying the HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life is busy...but wonderful! We are still patiently waiting the arrival of Miss Allie Beth. She is growing rapidly, and so is her Mama! They say everything is looking good so we are just checking off the days! HOT DAYS!!

I haven't been taking too many pictures lately, so I don't have much to show y'all. Here's a few of my two pride-and-joys!

This looks JUST like John!

A husband/daddy that loves us and shows it A LOT! I do love these two boys a WHOLE BUNCH!!

Maybe it won't be too much longer and we'll have a little girl to love on! I can't wait!!! I hope to have a computer by then!!

Have a great week!