Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Living Lesson Books'

I know I have commented on the book I am currently reading The Power of a Positive Mom in a previous post, and to some this may be boring, but I have gotten a ton of wonderful ideas and I thought it too good not to pass along for anyone who finds it interesting. This is not necessarily an idea but just another great, thought provoking poem...

The author says, "Our lives can be the best sermon our children ever hear." We all have heard (and if you're like me, have said it lots of times when you were trying to prove a point), "Actions speak louder than words." Well, as mothers this could not be more true!

So heres the poem...
I'd rather see a sermon,
than hear one any day.
I'd rather one would walk with me-
than merely tell the way.
The eye's a better pupil-
more willing than the ear,
Fine counsel is confusing,
but example's always clear.
And the best of all the people
are the ones who live their creeds,
For to see the good in action
is what everybody needs.
I can soon learn how to do it
if you'll let me see it done.
I can watch your hands in action,
but your tongue too fast may run.
The lecture you deliver
may be very wise and true-
But I'd rather get my lesson
by observing what you do.
For I may misunderstand you,
and the high advice you give,
But there's no misunderstanding
how you act and how you live.
--Edgar Guest

"The foundations of character are built not by lecture, but by bricks of good example, laid day by day."
--Leo B. Blessing

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goin' to Work & Goin' to Church

Goin' to work with Daddy...
John Luke came running into our room this morning and crawled up in the bed and gave me a kiss and Allie Beth a kiss and said, "Bye Mama, Bye Allie Baby. Goin' to work with Daddy!" I talked to John earlier and he said John Luke is having a ball! They have ridden the backback (backhoe), the tractor, and the dumpbone (dumptruck). And they've had hotcakes from McDonalds and are now on their way to clear some land with the GaGa(excavator). No wonder he likes to hang out with Daddy a whole lot more than Mama. Daddy's toys are MUCH more exciting!!! (Or at least I think that to make myself feel better~)

And the first of many firsts...Our first trip to church with this precious angel...

And a few of our Sleeping Beauty...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Naked Cowboy

When we got home from the wedding this afternoon, John Luke took his "dress clothes" off and decided this was his outfit of choice...
I guess he learned how to dress from Maggie Ruth!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best Days of My Life


A Mother's Thankful Heart

I come before You, Father
To thank You for this life
The blessings You have given me
As a mother and a wife

I'm thankful for my children
As I watch them grow and play
Knowing that each moment
Will live for just today

I'm thankful for the laundry
For the dust to wipe away
I'm thankful for the problems
That make me stop and pray

I'm thankful for my husband's job
The roof above our heads
I'm thankful for our daily food
For the comfort of our beds

I'm thankful for the errands
The phone that always rings
I'm thankful for the tears we cry
For the joy that laughter brings

I'm thankful for our family's love
The way we sit and talk
The simple games we often play
The picnics and the walks

I'm thankful for the little things
That make up every day
For therein lies Your love, Lord
And the wonders of Your ways

I'm thankful for the memories
That life has brought my way
I count it as Your blessing
To be a mother every day.

I have been reading a wonderful book called The Power of a Positive Mom. I found this poem in there and thought it was excellent. I just finished The Power of a Positive Wife and it was just as good. They are both very encouraging for us wives and mothers!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Gonna Miss This!

We're not too fond of bathtime...
But never fear...big brother is here! And to tell you the truth, I am very appreciative because he really is a good helper! (Notice the white ring around the mouth...the bag full of doughnuts on the counter is the culprit! We love them! Along with peanut M&M's, strawberry cake, coconut & pecan cookies and oatmeal creme pies! That's my diet for this week! I'm really gonna get these extra baby lbs. off eatin' like that!!!)
He said, "All done Mama!"
Who is that monster under the bed?...
This is now one of his favorite places to hang out.
Yesterday John had all of his routine tests done in Dothan and he came home bearing gifts. This cutsie little t-shirt for John Luke and a bag full of goodies from Bath and Body Works for Mama. (We still have to teach Daddy how to shop for little girls.) As for the tests, the results that were available yesterday looked good, we will know about the others tomorrow.
Life is very sweet with two sweeties like this! I just know now how it feels to be so very busy that you don't even know if you've brushed your teeth, or washed your hair, or even changed out of your sleeping clothes when Daddy comes home for lunch! (Or by the end of the day for that matter!) But, I will not complain because I know one day I'm gonna miss this! It's worth all the stinky diapers, vomit stained outfits, "Mama hold this", "Mama juice please", "Mon Mama, pay" (Come on Mama, play), dirty floors, fingerprints on everything, Dr.'s visits, drive-thru meals, pain in places you didn't know you had, and SLEEPLESS nights!!!!!!! And I know I couldn't do it without the help of my sweet husband and family! Thanks Guys! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Precious Blessings

I never knew how much I would LOVE two people! I don't EVER,EVER want them to grow up!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We have a baby!! Praise the Lord! I still feel like I'm living in a dream!

I had a few minutes and my sweet sister has allowed me to use her computer, so I thought I would give a few details...
Allie Elizabeth arrived Monday morning at 8:30. She weighed 7 lbs. 8oz., 20 1/2" long. She has a head full of hair just like her big brother. She has hardly made a peep since she got here. Only when she's hungry or wants to be held! (Which doesn't happen often b/c she's always being held!) John Luke is absolutely precious with her! He is constantly loving on her and giving her kisses saying "Love you Allie Baby!"

Everything went BETTER than I could even imagine and I am SOOOOOO THANKFUL! God answered our specific prayer that things would go better than last time and Boy Oh Boy did it!

We are home and enjoying every second of every day! God has blessed us beyond measure once AGAIN!!!

A few more pictures...