Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Mr. High Rise Pants"

This is how John Luke looks when he gets up from his nap. His hair is always sticking up and out in a thousand different directions and somehow this time he had his pants pulled up to his armpits. They all say I wear my pants pulled up high now that I'm a mama, so I guess he got this fashion statement from me.

These two pictures were taken yesterday. He turned 10 months old. I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe he is 10 months old ALREADY!!!


Julie said...

Love the High Rise!! Thought about taking a shopping trip this Saturday (March 8th). Would you like to go? One more thing I failed to mention to you when I saw you today-Granny Kelley fell yesterday at my parents' home and broke the bone that is connected to the hip (around the socket). She had surgery last night and is doing well as of today. We went by the hospital and saw her at 2 and she had been vomiting due to the pain medicaiton. Please keep her in your prayers. As you know an injury of that nature is hard for someone her age. especially since she suffers from osteoperosis.

jeff and rebecca said...

He is so cute!! Except for that Auburn stuff. Stacey called me last night and invited me to go to Mobile with her to meet Vicki and Ashley to Easter shop. I still haven't seen the baby. I won't be able to go because we will be going to B'ham to check on my mom. One good thing though, Vicki is going to send some "Dean's Cake House" goodies back to MS with Stacey.

Amber said...

Beth these new pictures are adorable!! I LOVE the auburn stuff. I hope that John Luke is feeling better now, I think my dad said that he was sick last week??