Friday, February 20, 2009

For All Mothers!

I heard a broadcast this morning on Focus on the Family, and if you are a mother I promise you it will encourage you!! Go here and click on Listen to Daily Broadcast. The title of the broadcast is Encouraging Words for Moms by Dee Brestin. It was extremely encouraging to me and I pray it will be for you. It is worth the few minutes of your time to listen!
Also, I know a lot of you are big Angela Thomas fans, and she has a book out called Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul. It is advertised on this website. Check it out!
Enjoy and Have a Blessed Day!!!


The Wilson's said...

I can always use words of encouragement! Thanks for sharing this with me.

Julie said...

I'll make sure to check it out! Thanks!

You should put a poll on your blog asking everyone if you'll have a girl or boy--just for the fun of it! :) Love ya and can't wait to hear the gender of your baby.