Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best job. Ever.

The hardest job in the world.
Is the best job in the world.

**Don't forget to first go to the bottom of this page and pause the playlist.   Then play the video.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! So true!!


Did you get my email about Florala??

Anonymous said...

Hey, love you and miss you guys. We had a great time at the beach. It was just like old times only with a few sweet additions! I have been bragging and bragging about my bench so much that I have almost convinced some of my friends from here to make that journey!

Rebecca Taylor

Beth said...

We did too! Even though you called me boring;) Next time we will be more prepared! We love y'all and miss you! We were talking about how everytime we see y'all it's like we just pick right up where we left off....so much fun! xoxo
And as far as the trip to the junk store, come on! I'm game!!