Monday, October 1, 2012

20 Little Things I Love About Fall...

Sitting here with a cup of coffee, a pumpkin pie candle burning, my soft cozy blanket, soundscapes playing in the background, and a view of the breeze blowing outside reassures me of the idea that I am a homebody.  A nester.  And for whatever reason, this time of year gets my "nesting" blood pumping even more.  I can't wait for the cooler, crisper mornings {and nights}.


As I sit here in a quiet house,  I realize once again how much I love home. It's amazing how even little spurts of quietness can revitalize me like nothing else.


It seems lately I've been overwhelmed with a list of issues.  I know that life in general is overwhelming.   Busy-ness is a curse---in my opinion, and we live in a society that is sick with it.   Some busy-ness we cannot control, but some we can.   I also realize that many would say to me that "I have no idea."  I only have 2 children, and they are still young enough to not be so involved in 'things'.  And they are right.  I can only imagine what life will be like in a few short years.  But I also think that learning now to say 'no' will be of great worth in years to come.  I believe that so many of us have bought into the lie that if we aren't running ourselves crazy with responsibilities that we aren't 'pulling our weight'.   Or that if 'we don't do it, no one else will'.  We forget to make God as much a part of our 'to do list' as he is our prayer list.  I totally believe we need to consult Him {and those in our home} on how much we should be 'doing'.


Sometimes we just need a breather.   And for me, fall is a time to take a good deep breath and enjoy.


Even though this time of year gets me to thinking about how close we are to Christmas {and talk about busy}, I can still seem to enjoy the simpleness of Fall. 


So with all of that said, I am linking up with Melissa at The Inspired Room to list 20 Little Things I Love About Fall.  One of the main reasons I love to read her blog is because she is such a big believer in being content with the home you have in this season of life and making the best of it for your family.  I appreciate the constant reminder.

20 Little Things I Love About Fall:::
  • afternoon picnics in the backyard
  • the smell of pumpkin pie candles
  • cuddling with sweet little people 
  • crispy mornings (hopefully;)
  • the comforts of my little nest
  • early morning quite time
  • football Saturday
  • cozy blankets
  • snuggling on movie night Friday
  • soup on the stove
  • pumpkins 
  • pretty leaves
  • raised windows at night (when it get cooler;)
  • pumpkin patches
  • deep cleaning & organizing
  • fields ready for harvest
  • campfires
  • afternoon walks
  • schedules & routines
  • big beautiful mums!
Happy Fall Y'all!


Jen @ ourfinehouse said...

All such good things! I love crisp mornings!

Stopping by from The Inspired Room. Happy Fall!

Lavender Cottage said...

I see crisp mornings on your list too. I walk our dog every morning early and love the change into fall.

Christy said...

I love all the things on your list too! Stopped by from Inspired Room. :) Hope your fall is all of this and more.

Nan said...

Enjoyed ! How about new crop pecans on the ground and all those delicious goodies we create with them !

Irene said...

So true, Beth. Your post is inspiring. I read it twice. God bless your beautiful family. Enjoy Fall!


I hope you find some quiet moments this fall.

I am a wee bit late to the party but glad to link up.