Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My sweet boy

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When I saw that first + sign, there was no way I could imagine what that meant for my life.  I had no idea that he would change me in almost every single way.  I had no clue that he would grab hold of my heart with every single inch of himself and I would be smitten from the first moment I laid my eyes on him.

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When the ultrasound told us it was a boy, I knew my husband was so proud.  We all know about the father-son relationship.  But wow!  I was not prepared for the mother-son one and how this dark-haired, long-legged little boy would undo me. 

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He stands over half as tall as me.  His pants hem nor his Mama can keep up with him. 
He's got whatever it is that blows me away.  He makes my heart glow.  And I can't get enough.

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{He loves his blanket.  The same blanket that was given to me when I was pregnant with him.}

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{His 6th birthday.}

His heart is tender.  He sees the needs of others.  He is willing.  He is helpful.  He is quick to give.  He loves his Mama and he's always on my side.  Always.  He stands up for me and he is fierce about it.

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{He chose to celebrate with a day at the beach.}

He is the first to give me a hug.  And the first to say sweetly, "You look so pretty, Mama."  He is full of compliments and I appreciate them!

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He is gorgeous.  On the inside and out.  He is tall, dark and handsome.  His blue and sometimes hazel eyes are dangerous.  They melt me into a puddle.  And they will fill up with tears in an instant when he knows you are hurting.  He just knows.  And one day there will be a super lucky girl in this world.  And if she knows what's good for her, she'll love him with all her heart and treat him like gold.

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He is precious in my sight.  And he was fearfully and wonderfully made.  He loves Jesus and he's the biggest prayer warrior I know.  He prays for those in need and doesn't forget.  Ever.

I'm not sure there could be any better.  I know he's really not perfect, but he sure is close.  I think he's top notch.  And I'm super-duper thankful for him.  He's my sweet boy and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

 photo LittleFriendsgraduation2013001.jpg
{Mother's Day 2013. I'm wearing the corsage he made for me.}

Unfortunately I haven't learned how to stop time, so my little man is growing up on me.  And this is my last summer with him before he goes off to 'big school'.  He doesn't know it, but it's tearing his Mama to pieces.  I'm not sure what we'll do around here.  I can tell you there will be tears.  Lots of tears.  But I also know he's ready.  And it's life.  I don't like it.   But I can rest in knowing that Jesus loves him more than I do.  How?  I can't fathom.  But I know He does.  And I know He'll be watching over His little creation.  And everyday, when that sweet boy arrives back home, His Mama and his little sister will be happy, happy, happy!

He is a gift.  The best there ever was.  My prayer for him is that above all he will always love Jesus and serve Him.  The rest is just blessings undeserved!

Long ago you came to me,
a miracle of firsts;
First smiles and teeth and baby steps,
a sunbeam on the burst.
But one day you will move away
and leave to me your past,
And I will be left thinking of
a lifetime of your lasts...
The last time that I held a bottle
to your baby lips,
The last time that I lifted you
and held you on my hip.
The last night when you woke up crying,
needing to be walked,
When last you crawled up with your blanket,
wanting to be rocked.
The last time when you ran to me,
still small enough to hold.
The last time that you said you'd marry
me when you grew old.
Precious, simple moments and
bright flashes from your past---
Would I have held on longer if
I'd known they were your last?
Our last adventure to the park,
your final midday nap,
The last time when you wore your favorite
faded baseball cap.
Your last few hours of kindergarten,
those last days of first grade.
Your last at bat in Little League,
last colored picture made.
I never said goodbye to all
your yesterdays long passed,
So what about tomorrow---
will I recognize your lasts?

Let me hold on longer, God,
to every precious last.....
     -----Karen Kingsbury



Mamy K said...

well..... I'm sqauling!!! That little boy is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on and the sweetest most tender creature on earth! And the little girl that snatches him up better watch out cuz hes got 4 Mama Bears that are ready to pounce at a moments notice!! She better be some kind of wonderful to pass our tests!

Nan said...


Amy said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Love him so much!!

Anonymous said...

He is quite a darling. Wish I was closer to have his gentleness rub off on Will. Love you and love seeing the wonderful mother you have become. You
certainly had a good example.
Rebecca T.