Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend me, John, and John Luke went to Fish River, which is in Foley, with my family. We had a really good time being together with everyone. When we are all together, it makes me very thankful that I came from a large family. We all seem to have fun especially now that we're older and have more in common with one another. It is also a big help to me because I have plenty of babysitters for John Luke and there's enough people to keep him interested and he doesn't get bored with one person. I enjoyed the time away with some different scenery. I am the biggest homebody in the world but even I like to get away once in awhile. Anyway, I am thankful we had the opportunity to get away all together.
Saturday the girls and John Luke all went to Daphne shopping. We were supposed to be doing some Christmas shopping but I think we made it to two stores. We forgot how long it really takes to shop! I got a lot of cute things for John Luke. It's funny how now I spend more time shopping for him than I do for myself and I actually have more fun. All baby clothes are so cute. So anyway, we get finished in the two stores we were in and head to the van to leave but unfortunately the van doesn't crank! Great! Ofcourse since I was the one who had driven us there I got the blame for not turning the key all the way off therefore running the battery down. Well, I just don't think I did that. The skank mobile as Kimberly and Amy calls it (which is mother's van that she just loves and wouldn't trade for anything), was not cooperating. So here we are all us girls and poor John Luke who for now has to most of the time get stuck hangin' out with the girls, were all sitting in the parking lot with a dead battery. It gets worse. Before all this happened, we were in sort of a hurry because Amy was having a little bit of a problem and needed to find a bathroom quick! Well too bad we were not going anywhere! We stopped one group of ladies that were parked in front of us and asked if they could jump us off. We had the jumper cables, just needed their car. Well, guess what they said, NO! I cannot imagine telling someone no about helping jump their car off. You can imagine we had a few words to call them! Hey old hags, haven't you ever heard "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", or "What goes around comes around"!!!! Well, thankfully a nice gentleman and his wife were willing to help us. He sent a nice wish for the old hags - "Maybe they will break down on the way home." Oh well, we learned how important it really is to help others. Like the little saying goes, WWJD (What would Jesus Do?). Anyway in the mean time Amy has relieved herself and found time to shop for some shoes! We head home and have to stop and take some pictures of a few houses that are a lot like the one I would like to build. I can't seem to find any house plans like these so I hope someone can take the pictures and draw a houseplan from them. The guys had made it back from their shopping trip to none other than Outdoor World and The Coleman Store. Who would have ever guessed?!! We all jump back in the skank mobile and John's truck and head for Lambert's Cafe. We had had a hard day and were starved. The rolls are good but I just can't say too much for the food. The atmosphere was fun especially when my dear husband sneaks and tells the waiter that my birthday is coming up and we are there to celebrate so he announces it over the speaker to the whole restaurant!! We got a big plate of banana pudding out of it. None of us really liked it too much EXCEPT John who always likes whatever everyone else does NOT like. Who knows?!! Anyway, the pictures were taken in Lambert's Cafe. (Except the one in the sink we hope!)
All-in-all we had a really fun time. There's never a dull moment with this clan! You can be sure it's loud, confusing, and chaotic whether we are yelling at each other or laughing, but in the end there's lots of love and fun!
Love Ya'll!!!

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