Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I guess this post should be dedicated to John:

About 4 years ago, my life was changed. Not just for a short time, but forever. God gave me a gift, and it was you. Thank you for being so helpful, supportive, and for loving me unconditionally.
Then, soon after, we were both given another gift. I couldn't dream of a better daddy in all the world! You have been fantastic from day one! John Luke and I are fortunate to have you! Thank You and WE LOVE YOU!! Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth,
Occassionally at work I get to look at your blog. John Luke is getting so big and he is SOOOOO CUTE!!! Oh my, where does the time go. I can't believe you and John have been together 4 years. It seems like only yesterday that you come home and told me you had met someone. Please let's set aside a date to get together and catch up. I love and miss you!!!

Beth said...

Hey Sissy!!! So glad to hear from you! Please call me one day and let me know when you can get together with us. I am looking forward to seeing you. I am serious...we have got to get together! Love you Lots!

Julie said...

I am so glad that you have two precious gifts from God- John and John Luke!! What a blessing!!!!

Shonna said...

Loved the slide show!

The Martins said...

That is so sweet! I wish I had my camera at church that Sunday. We made it in the door just in time. All the dads were lined up at the front of the church and Ron got a gift for youngest dad. His whole face just lit up when we walked in.