Friday, June 20, 2008

Where Is John Luke?

In the dishwasher. I came out of the bedroom and found him here.

In the beach toy wagon.

Where is my flip flop?

He loves to carry my flip flops around. Why? I do not know but I have been finding them in strange places.

And... these are a few I took while we were playing with the water hose yesterday. I love this face!


Julie said...

Aren't children so funny??? At least John Luke isn't trying to wear your shoes! John Parker occasionally tries to put on my shoes when I am getting ready to go somewhere. Jeremy has a fit!!! I don't think it will matter....he is still all boy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie, It worked this time.
I love these pictures of John Luke.
Such precious moments, enjoy every minute!

jeff and rebecca said...

I noticed that he was dirty in one of these pics. I cant believe it!!! He looks like he had a good time though. He also appears to love the water. I have noticed that in alot of your pics.

Anonymous said...

Beth John Luke is just so cute!! That is so funny! I had fun playing with him at the ballpark the other night! Me and Amy are going to have to come over and play one day!!:)
Amy Kelley

Anonymous said...

Oh, Beth!! He is so adorable. Wow, how he has changed in such a short time. I throughly enjoyed looking at all of your pics and can't wait to see more. Call me sometime. I enjoyed our chat today. Love and miss you..... Jill Neeley

Ashley said...

Dear John Luke,
You look like you like the water as much as me. Please tell your mama to bring you to Enterprise to see me soon! We have a pool and water hose that we can play in. I miss my buddy!
Your friend,

jeff and rebecca said...

Do you ever check your e-mail?