Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I guess you could say, "no free time" is an understatement around this busy little home! We are finally moved in... for the most part. We still have a few things left to get but we are so exhausted we have just quit. It's amazing how much stuff you can pack into such a small space! I don't know where all of it keeps coming from!!
I have so much to catch-up on I don't really know where to start. So I will try to break it up event-by-event.
#1... We had a glorious Easter! It is my favorite holiday of all. Not only because the meaning of Easter gives all Christians such a reason to be full of hope, but the time of year is my favorite! We started out with church Easter morning and then to our yearly lunch and egg hunt at Grandmother Dean's. John Luke enjoyed the egg hunt much more this year. He was so proud of all his eggs! He even found the prize egg!

2... All of the Cotton side of the family tries to gather ever-so-often for a cookout. This last time, we had delicious steaks and all the yummy stuff to go with them! Thanks to Uncle Sandy and Aunt Lisa for the wonderful steaks and to Mama for all the rest of the delicious sides! (And to Daddy for grilling them all!) I had my share and several other people's!!
We tried to focus on getting pictures with PawPaw and Granny. I think we ran out of daylight before we could get each group together, but they turned out fine.

All of the grandchildren and the two great-grandchildren.

Uncle Sandy with his new bundle of joy!

Granny and PawPaw getting love!

Mamy had made his day...taking him for a ride!

So she gets lots of love too!!!

The proud new daddy~

#3... John Luke turned 2 years old Monday! It's so hard for me to believe! He is an absolute JOY to me and his daddy! I don't know what we ever did before he came along!!! He keeps us VERY busy and VERY entertained! I'm so very thankful for this little stinker!
We got up Monday not thinking we were going to be doing anything special for the day, just me and him hanging out as usual but we got a pleasant surprise! Mrs. Ashley, Sawyer, and Eli and Mrs.Kristen, Maggie Ruth, and Jack came to play! The kids had a blast in John Luke's new sandbox his daddy built and in the sprinkler and riding the Gator while us Mamas had a good time visiting! Thanks guys for coming and please come again soon!

#3 continued... This was first thing Monday morning. I had to get some pictures of the birthday boy in his cute little birthday shirt (Thanks Mrs. Ashley for the shirt!) He has greatly improved with his picture-taking. He has a very big "cheese" but at least he's looking in the right direction!!

#4... Later that night after John's softball game we had a small birthday cake and some icecream. Even though it wasn't his official party, we thought since it was the official day, we needed to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. He was loving every minute of it! After he blew out the candles, he stuck his face in the cake and got himself some icing (several times!) I got some videos of it, but it takes so long to download, I'll add those later. We had a great day with our sweet, Big boy!

It was sooooo funny!

So that gets me a little caught-up~ (I up-dated, Brad, just for you!!) He and the rest of the crew have been wondering when I was ever going to update my blog!!~

We are busy as ever, but still "Counting Our Blessings" because we have LOTS to be thankful for!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Lynn Castleberry said...

It's great to see new pics up. I'm glad you are settling into your new house especially since you have a new bundle on the way. How are you related to Dallas? Happy Belated Birthday John Luke!!

Heather said...

I know all about those busy little boys that are 2. You are looking so cute as a prego mommy. Looks like a lot of funs was had in the last few weeks. Enjoyed the update.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to John Luke!! Jack's second birthday was a blast! They just get better every year:)

I think I saw my sweet friend Heath in there! I just love him!! Great pictures of the whole family.

mamy said...

YAY!!! Finally! Enjoyed all the pictures!

The Wilson's said...

You look so cute pregnant! It looks like you are all baby! I am glad you had a wonderful easter! Happy birthday to John Luke!! He is so cute and I am sure he will be the best big brother ever!