Saturday, May 2, 2009

I finally got around to having some pictures made! I'm soooooo excited they turned out wonderful of my sweet little man!! Go to The password is johnluke.

More birthday pictures of the birthday boy coming soon!
Have a great weekend!


Allyson said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Unless you see your stomach you CANNOT tell you are pregnant!! Y'all are such a pretty family! Hope you're having a good weekend!!

Michelle said...

How beautiful! My favorites are 11, 13 and 38...just in case you wanted our opinions! :)
I can't blieve how NOT pregnant you look!! You look so beautiful. I kept thinking (until the very last few pictures)..."Were these taken before she was pregnant?"...You can't even see your pregnant until you turn to the side! Anyway, you are very blessed, I lloked like a roly-poly!! Well, you saw me! Anyway, GREAT pictures and your little boy is just so handsome! Can't wait to see what your sweet little baby girl will look like!

Heather said...

As the other 2 comments, you are not looking pregnant at all!!!! As for me, I was HUGE!!!! Your pictures are beautiful.

The Wilson's said...

I love them all!!! My favorite of J.L was the one with him peeking through the back of the chair! I agree with everyone else the pics where you are sitting completely hides your belly. You look great! It also looks like you both had a great time while she was taking the pictures.

Ashley said...

Those are all so good, Beth! I think when you're as pretty as you are and as handsome as John Luke is, you make it easy on the photographer! Y'all are pretty people! (Even prettier on the inside too!) WOAH! :) Love you!

Julie said...

For some reason, I'm able to post a comment even if I'm at school after all--the other day I couldn't. So, this is my planning time and I am planning on leaving you a comment! :)

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! You and your baby(ies) couldn't make a bad picture if you tried. And, the same question popped in my mind as I was viewing your photo shoot, "Was that last year?" You don't look pg AT ALL!!! You look gorgeous!! You should just stay barefoot and pregnant b/c it agrees with you quite well! :)

Love the Easter pics, and that color blue ALWAYS looks good on you. Just like the blue dress you wore when you won Miss PHS! :) Love you and hope to see you soon!!! Jeremy is out of town this week so we might pop-in one afternoon and visit with y'all! Let me know if you will be around!