Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday John Luke!

We enjoyed perfect weather outside on Saturday celebrating John Luke's birthday. It was a small party with just the grandparents and great-grandparents, but John Luke didn't seem to mind. He was the center of attention and that's just how he likes it! He got lots of toys for his new sandbox, a slip-n-slide which he has already tried out and had a blast, and some $$$ for his savings account! I can't wait for his little friends to come join us on the slip-n-slide! Thanks everyone for all the toys and being here to celebrate one precious little boy's 2nd birthday!!!

Playing ball with Mamy


"Wow, that looks fun Grammie!"

"Thank You PawPaw Gene."

"Thank You Grandmother Dean."

"Thank You Granny Lois."

Waiting Patiently...


"Cheeese Again!"


Love for Mamy K


Lori said...

What fun!! Grandparents are the BEST ones to celebrate birthdays with b/c they give the best presents!! John Luke is one smart boy:)

Happy Birthday to John Luke - one more time!!

jeff and rebecca said...

I can't believe he is already 2. It really seems like yesterday that he was born. Everyone looks good and I especially love seeing pics of your grandparents. They seem to be doing well. Hurry up and post some pics of your new house. I just cant picture where it is.

Mamy K said...

I had sooooo much fun!! It doesn't seem possible for him to be 2 whole years old! I love him soooooo much he really is a precious angel! Love yall!

Heather said...

These last 2 years have just flew by, believe me I know. It's amazing how much they learn and do in just 2 year. Happy Birthday John Luke.

Christi and Clay said...

He is one cute little boy!! Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, John Luke!! Looks like a fun, relaxing party with the ones that JL loves and the ones love him!!! :)

The Wilson's said...

Time goes by sooo quickly! Just wait until that sweet baby girl gets here and it will seem to go even quicker! I am glad he enjoyed his b-day party. He looks so cute! I love how boys hold on to their "baby face" look longer than girls!

Happy 2nd Birthday to John Luke!!!!

Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, John Luke!!! We love you so much! You are so special to us!
Sawyer & his mama

Lynn Castleberry said...

Looks like a ton of fun for one very cute little boy! The pictures on Amy's website were very good as well! Thanks for sharing!

Shonna said...

Happy Birthday John Luke!

Josh and Lyndsay said...

Happy Birthday John Luke!!!
Hey Beth, The movers were amazing, so very thankful we had their help!! I am feeling great!! No morning sickness yet, just hungry constantly ALL day long!! We go to the doctor Monday for our first ultrasound!! Can't Wait!! Not too much longer and Allie Beth will be here!! So Exciting!

The Clarks said...

Happy Birthday John Luke!
Maybe when my mama gets out for the summer you can come swim with me or we can just dig in the dirt together!