Monday, June 22, 2009


This is how we stay cool! I'm thinking seriously about jumping in there with him! If the neighbors wouldn't be totally grossed out, I would so DO IT!!!!

John Luke loves to get everyone's hangs---hangnails. And he does a pretty good job!

Happy Father's Day to all the VERY special men in our lives! We love you and are so VERY thankful to have you!

Check out BIG MAMA!

I don't have much spare energy, so I think I'm done! Hope y'all are all good and enjoying the HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Clarks said...

John Luke needs to come swim with Ty and Andrew! We would love for y'all to come ANYTIME!!

I know you are counting the days for Miss Allie Beth. But just so you know, you still look great despite the fact that you're due anyday!

Heather said...

Those pictures of John Luke are to cute.

jeff and rebecca said...

That is a mighty sweet little behind!

The Wilson's said...

You don't have long left to be pregnant and have to endure the heat!! You look cute and in the last picture it looks like she is favoring the right side of your belly!! I can't wait to see her sweet little face!!

Julie said...

BIG MAMA--WHATEVER!!! You still don't look like you're about to deliver within the next two weeks. I tried to linc you on my way home from Dothan yesterday. I wasn't sure if I needed to stop by Enterprise Hospital while traveling through. ;) I assume Allie Beth is still content to stay in your tummy. Love you and can't wait to meet that lprecious little girl!!!!

Christi and Clay said...

2 weeks!?! You look great!! I was pregnant from the tip of my head to the bottom of my feet! You are just carrying a little basketball under that dress! What is your due date? I have a friend due on the 8th. :) Good luck!