Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Allie Beth is Here!!!

Well, this is Amy trying to post some pictures of the most precious little girl I think I have ever seen!:) I have never done this before but I told Beth I would try since her computer is still dead.
Oh Yeah and John Luke would like to thank Mrs. LeeAnn for the truck and sidewalk chalk! Also thank you for Allie Beth's gift!


Christi and Clay said...

YAY!! You look beautiful and so does Allie Beth! She has a head full of hair! :) John Luke looks like he is loving his new little sister too!

Julie said...

Glad that you posted for her so now I can post pics of my visit with Allie Beth tonight. :) Didn't want to be the first to show all the bloggers that beautiful little girl!! CONGRATS again!!!

kathunt said...

Congratulations Colvin Family! Allie Beth is beautiful & John Luke so happy his little sister is here. We're sending love & prayers your way.
God Bless you all.
The Hunt's

Anonymous said...

Beth and John, What a precious baby girl! I love the hair,reminds me of my two babies. We are so excited for you all. Beth, looks as if you have plenty of good babysitters!!! We can't wait to meet Miss Allie Beth!!
P.S. Allie is excited there's another Allie around, who knows maybe one day she can be your babysitter!
Oh yeah, Amy J, great job on the post. Ya'll don't spoil her to fast!! Kelley, Allie,and Amy D

The Taylor Family said...

congrats she is so beautiful