Friday, May 14, 2010


This is 100% SASSY!!!
The new name for this 10 MONTH old is Sassyfrass!
If you are doing things her way everything is A-OKAY.
If will know it!
She is full of SASS! I have discovered that she will most likely give me LOTS of gray hairs and LOTS of reasons to break out the switch!!! She is spunky!
At 10 months she:
*weighs a Big 18 lbs.
*length- 27 3/4"
*wears size 9 months; some 12 months
*pulls up & has even stood in place by herself for a few seconds
*waves bye-bye
*says Maaama & yes even DaaaDaa on occasion
*L-O-V-E-S to eat ANYTHING!
*has the absolute fastest hands & tightest grip
*has 4 toothies---two on top & two on bottom
*dances to music
*sings---if you are singing she will try to sing louder than you
*currently has blonde hair
*still has tiny feet
*watches everything big brother does
*sleeps good
*hates her carseat
*LOVES to be held!
*likes to cuddle {which I LOVE!}
God has given me a challenge with this one! I predict lots of parenting lessons being learned with her and then again she may grow up to be the easiest child we have! Who knows?!?!? Even though she can be quite difficult, I love her more than words can say!
Since I have NO memory, I would like to record some things about my sweet John Luke. I meant to share this on his birthday blog, but since I forgot I'll do it here.

Besides the fact that he is now 3 YEARS OLD, he is extremely funny and entertaining!
*One of his most frequently used words is "act-shu-we" {actually}. Ex: He says, "Act-shu-we, that's mine. I bought it."
*He says, "Come here, Mama, you can sit by me."
*He says, "Jew {You} can come, Mama. I not leave jew {you}! Not ever, ever!
*He will ask me if he can do something and when I say yes, he says, "Thank you Mama. Thank you!"
*If I am trying on something and he comes in my room, he says "That's fretty {pretty}, Mama. I love it!" {He sure knows how to win over his mama in more ways than one!!!!}
*One particular time that he did this was right after I had Allie Beth. I was getting ready for church, and I had put on some of those big granny panties that comes way up on your stomach. He walks in my room and says, "You soooo fretty Mama! Sooooo fretty!" PRICELESS!
*When I do something and then tell him I'm sorry. He says, "Don't do it again Mama! Not ever, ever again!"
*He says, "Stay white {right} there. I be white back". And holds his hand up like he's saying stop.
*He knows every piece of equipment. I mean every one and knows the correct name for it! He can spot it a mile away!
*He can crank any vehicle {not such a good thing!} And he knows what key goes to each piece of equipment and how to crank them!
*If someone is behind us on the road, he puts his hand up and motions for them to come on around. He says, "Come on, come on by." If someone is backing up he says, "Mon back, Mon back. You got it, you got it. That's good." The whole time he is motioning for them to come on back. He watches EVERYTHING his daddy does!
*One day I was gone and he was with John. They were walking across the yard and he put his arms around John and said, "Daddy, Mama says be sweet and kind. I be sweet and kind to you Daddy, okay?" {OHHHHHH all those times he really is listening! Thank you Lord!}
*The other day I came in the living room and sat down on the couch. He was sitting in the recliner watching T.V. When I sat down he asked me what was wrong. I said my head hurts. He said, "Come sit with me Mama. I rub it!" After he rubbed it a few seconds he said, "Stay white {right} there. I be white {right} back. My rake do better." So he went to his playroom and came back with his plastic rake and started scratching my head with it!
The things that his little mind thinks of is so amazing to me! I never know what he may say or do next! He listens to every word we say even when we don't realize he's paying any attention to us!!! And then most of the time, he repeats it!
He is such a sweet blessing~


Anonymous said...

Beth, that's been Daddy's name for Amy since she was a little thing. She sure lives up to the title!! Kelley

Anonymous said...

Oh but she is too cute!! And when I was reading about John Luke I thought about us trying on the dresses for Amy and he said "Mama's 'fretty' but not mammy!!" I thought that was just way too precious!! He just loves his mama!! You have such a beautiful family!

mamy said...

Sweet sweet children.

jeff and rebecca said...

Sorry, I havent blogged lately! Trying to get day camp going. I cant believe how big the baby is! She has gone from an infant to a big girl over night almost. John Luke will be in school before you know it! They both are so precious. I did think that she looked like a Cotton and still does some but bless Pete if she isnt starting to look like her daddy too! Tell John that he has some mighty strong genes! Glad they are good ones!