Friday, September 17, 2010

"Did you do this?"

Okay, I know that laughing while your child tells you a big fat lie, is totally against the rules. But tonight we absolutely could not help ourselves! Me, John, and John Luke were in the playroom playing, and I look up and see coloring marks on the closet door. So I show them to John Luke and ask him if he drew them. He looks at me, squints his eyes, looks off into space and says, "No." "Lucky did it." "She did it with her foot." "She came in here all by herself and did it with her foot." {Lucky is our dog.} "Uh huh," he says. "I saw her." Then he walks over to the door and demonstrates how she did it. "I told her no." "But she did it."

My Oh My! They keep us laughing! I'm sure glad they do because some days I think I'd pull my hair out if they didn't!!!

Moving on to other things...
John Luke L-O-V-E-S to drive most anything that has four or more wheels! Whether it be real or pretend, he could do it ALL day long, EVERY day!
And this fellow is his 'farming' buddy.

Little Miss Sassy could be walking if she wanted to. But she doesn't want to.
She has taken a few steps. But only when she wanted to. And don't even think about trying to 'trick' her into it! She will show you who's boss!

The other morning when John Luke heard her awake, we went in her room and found this...
Needless to say, she did not think it was as funny as we did!
Haaaaappppy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE babies!!! I'm sure Allie Beth did not like that at all! Bless her heart. I love and miss y'all! CALL ME!!!

Beth said...

John Luke was going to call you yesterday, and then something interrupted us! Imagine that~ We love you too!!!! And miss you lots! I need your help around here---in several areas! Please! Love you!~