Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grace & Pumpkins...

GRACE---so thankful God extends it to me over & over & over!!!

"He who grows in grace remembers he is but dust and he therefore does not expect his fellow christians to be anything more. He overlooks 10,000 of their faults because he knows his God overlooks 20,000 in his own case. He does not expect perfection in the creature and therefore he is not disappointed when he does not find it."
Charles Spurgeon

FALL, FALL, FALL! Please hurry up and come!

I would love to have this drive home!
We have our haybales out with our scarecrows up and pumpkins too! The leaves are falling but the temparature is NOT! We are ready!
*Notice the precious little orange thing in the background {not the pumpkins}. He is my very best friend during this season! If you do not have one, do yourself a big favor and go get one!
We have completed the back. The front is still a work in progress. Still waiting on more haybales and got to get a few more pumpkins. {John Luke is thoroughly enjoying pumpkin 'shopping'. Today as we picked them out he said, "Here Mama. This one looks great. And this one...and this one..." If it had been up to him we would have bought Wal-Mart out!


Lori said...

Happy Fall! What is the orange thing?

Beth said...

Thanks Lori! The orange thing is a blower. I guess it's like a backpack blower. Anyway, it's fantastic for the Fall especially!