Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Simple. De-clutter. Organized. Purpose.

I like all those words. Actually, I love those words. I'm all about some organization! So as I was reading Simple Mom, I decided I would join the party. And de-clutter. Simplify. Organize. And create a home and family with a purpose.

I want to de-clutter with two missions in mind. I want to organize my house. And I want to bless someone with my "clutter". Does that make any sense? 

Sidenote: We are so blessed. All of us. Did you know that if you have running water, shelter over your head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and some means of transportation (even if it's pubic transportation), then you are in the top 15% of the world's people for wealth? WoW! We live in luxury. But we don't think so. (I'm reading Radical. Oh my goodness! My eyes are being opened! More later....)

Back to the project. I'm a little behind so I may not be right on schedule with Simple Mom, but I'll do my best.
I am starting with the master closet. And I will have lots of help.

***Speaking of de-cluttering, I'm planning a yard-sale for April 2nd. At my house. I think we may have a "neighborhood yardsale." I think it will be fun! Maybe I'll see you!


Lori said...

I LOVE de-cluttering!!! And our church is doing Radical small group studies right now - life changing!

Beth said...

Oh Lori!!!!!! My friend Ashley Williams is doing the Radical study with her LifeGroup from church. I think that would be AWESOME! You are so is life-changing! How do y'all do small group studies? Do y'all host them at your house? And who leads it? When do y'all have them?I am so interested in doing something like that.

And I love to organize and de-clutter. It makes me feel better:))