Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday confessions

  1. So thankful for the rain!
  2. We spend more time outside than in. Even if it's raining. I think most of our neighbors think we are weirdos. We are.

3.   I'm beginning to like the cover over the deck a little more. Especially when I can enjoy the sunset even when it's raining.


4.   I'm kinda fond of the sky. The cows are fond of us. We don't mind. They're pretty good company.

  5.   I'm still shocked by the devastation from the storms.  So, so sad....


   {Here are some wonderful ways in which you can help if you would like.}

6.   I'm itchin' to do some more kitchen table.
7.   My kiddos love Fruit Loops w/ marshmellows. I do too!
8.  We have spent approximately 137 hours in the pool this week. The best $15 ever spent!

9.  I'm really proud of the littlest sister....she graduated from college. Not only graduated, but did it with honors!

10.   My garden is pitiful. The squash are good. The rest is not. I've already lost two tomato plants. I'm about to lose the other 20 I've planted. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. But I'm determined! I can just taste a juicy tomato on some fresh white bread with lots of mayo {the real deal, no low-fat junk!}, and salt & pepper! Yummy!

What a beautiful day! It was close to perfect!


Lori said...

I'm jealous of the 137 hours in the pool!

Mamy K said...

Thank you Beffy! I love you! Thank yall for coming and supporting me! I'm pretty proud of you too! :)