Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's coming!


The time is drawing near.  The day will be here before we know it. 

 And then, sadly, it will all be over even more quickly than it came.


I love Christmas time.  For many reasons.

I haven't always.  There have been times I was down and out.  Overwhelmed.  Frustrated.  Or just.....tired
I'll be honest....last year I was kind of a Scrooge.  I just never did get motivated enough to really decorate.  This year I have been so excited.  I have no idea.

But really, as a child of the King, I have every reason to celebrate!


One of my most favorite things is the tree lights at night.  I love to sit in the room after everyone is settled in and turn off all the other lights.  The soft glow of the tree lights {and this year the mantle lights!} are super relaxing.  I have been up way too late these last few nights alone with my laptop, soft music, and glistening lights.  I love it!

Late nights make for really slow mornings, but I'll trade it for the short time it's here.


We are getting ready.  Slowly.  I've had a few speedbumps.  {like all the tree lights going out AFTER it was completely decorated!} Thankfully Mama was here to help me figure that one out and fortunately we found the problem right away;)


I like things simple.  Not so cluttered.  Therefore my Christmas decorating is simple.  Not too much. 


I think clutter makes me crazy.  Literally.


So, for now, this is it.  We'll get there.  For now we are enjoying what we got.

And, of course the sunset ;)


Haaaaaaaaapy Friday!


LeAnne said...

Very pretty! I find something very calming about having only Christmas lights on too. I love this time of year. It seems everyone has hope. I
especially like your wreaths on the front of your house. I have always wanted to do that to ours and have never pulled it off. :)

Beth said...

Thank you LeAnne!! You should try the wreaths! They would be beautiful on your house!

Amy said...

It is all so pretty Beth!! I love the mantle!! And your wreaths do look great! Merry Christmas!!!