Sunday, December 30, 2012

The road ahead


The world says success is the attainment of popularity or profit.  But when I look through a global lens, it deeply alters my view.  I don't want my goal to be a fat bank account. I don't want my kids to be on the path of so many, vying for popularity and more stuff.  I want to see things with a different view.  It's not easy.  But most good things aren't.

It's even harder to be a kid these days when society demands that their No. 1 goal be to fit in.  But what if they don't?  The world tells us to do, go, spend whatever it takes to make it happen.  What if that doesn't even work?

"But success in God's upside-down economy is supposed to look different.  It's becoming less, so He can be more.  It's putting yourself second, others first.  It's letting your kids ask hard questions that teach you more about Jesus."

In God's eyes, success is never measured by a dollar amount.  Or how many days we spend at the ball field.   Or how many cookies we bake for our son's classroom.  Or how many hours we spend volunteering.  It's not measured by how big our house is or the size of our Christmas presents we give.  Success is not held in our job title or whether or not we could 'run the place'.  We don't succeed or fail as a parent based on how popular our children are or what kind of vehicle we can buy for them.  Or how many statistics they prove wrong because of OUR awesome parenting skills.  And even as wrong as some may think it sounds, success is not found in how wonderful they turn out to be based on what fantastic job we did as parents.  There are parents who do 'everything right' and their children grow up to be wayward.  And there are parents who do nothing right and their children grow up to be outstanding citizens who love the Lord.  Only by God's grace do any of us become anything more than trash. 

And most importantly, success is not measured by what other's think of us.  As women we stuggle so much for the approval of others.  And then as we become a mother the pressure only doubles.  We believe we are inadequate if we can't create all the masterpieces we pin on pinterst.  Or have the latest greatest in home decor.  Or cook a 7 course meal for our family every night.  Or dress our children in the finest while we ourselves are runway ready.  And some of us will have those pressures coming from those very close to us.  We will be compared to the girl next door.  To the sister-in-law that's won "Mother of the Year", "Cook of the Century", and "Daughter of the World" for 5 years running.  To the mom in the pick-up line driving the hottest new ride with her size 2 skinny jeans.  To the one who wins all the blue ribbons for her "pinterst worthy" crafts.  And the list could go on forever.

But thankfully God doesn't give a hoot about any one of those things.  Sure, most of them are good and they count.  But in His eyes, the ONLY thing that really matters is simply how much we love Him.  How much time we spend with Him and how much effort we put into teaching our children about His love.  How we demonstrate that same love to them and live out our lives as real examples for them to follow.  It's all about the values we instill in them.  And the time we put into molding them into His own image.  How much time we spend telling others about His love and mercy.  It's stopping to think about what really matters and dwelling on the truths of God's Word.

As the New Year approaches, I'm doing what many of you do, thinking about what my New Year's 'resolution'(s) will be.  What will I strive to improve this year?  What will I set as my goals in the New Year?

I pray that I will search out God's will.  That He will 'direct my paths'. {Prov. 3:5,6}  I pray my 'thoughts will be of things above and not on things of this world.' {I John 2:15, 17} I want to love my children and husband with a 'fervent love, for love covers a multitude of sins.' {I Pet. 4:8} I pray I will learn 'to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. {James 1:19}  I want to 'do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God.' {Micah 6:8}

My deepest desire is to allow God to mold me into the creature he has created me to be.  And in turn, help mold and shape my children into His 'perfect' creation.  'Perfect' not as in "without fault", but perfect as in 'entire {complete}, wanting nothing. {James 1:4}  I know I will make mistakes, I will mess up big, and I will just plain fail in some areas.  But I also know that 'God's grace is sufficient.' {II Cor. 12:9}

As we close the chapter on 2012, and look into the face of new possibilites ahead, what will your goals be? Will you work hard this year to be more successful?  If so, what defines success for you?


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nan said...

WOW! What a mountain of truth! If only we would put it in action. It seems like christians have bought into the worlds values. So few give a hoot about what the Lord holds valuable. We christians could really change the world if we weren't so busy chasing after it!