Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When we seem so small

Sometimes when I look over my goals for this new year, I seem a bit...small.  In comparison to what I want to do.  Who I want to be.  

Often times the most daunting of goals for me are the ones that have to do with motherhood.  I am constantly reminding myself that "it doesn't have to be perfect."   And even though it doesn't have to be perfect, there's nothing wrong with striving for 'better'.

The role of mother can sometimes look so menial.  With the pull of society becoming stronger and stronger, we moms tend to forget that 'being a mom' is possibly the highest of all callings.  With the pressures of the world on women today, we can sometimes feel so small.  Unworthy.   Uninspiring.  But deep down we know otherwise.  We just need to be reminded.

The back cover of Dr. Brenda Hunter's book The Power of Mother Love casts a vision for moms:
Mother love shapes cultures and individuals. While most mothers know that their love and emotional availability are vital to their children's well-being, many of us do not understand the profound and long-lasting impact we have in developing our young children's brains, teaching them first lessons of love, shaping their consciences … At a time when society urges women to seek their worth and personal fulfillment in things that take them away from their families and intimate bonds, Hunter invites women to come home — to their children, their best selves, their hearts.
For all women, whether working in the home or outside the home, we are all at some point overwhelmed with our daily tasks.  When we wake day in and day out greeted with the mental list of things we must accomplish, we feel so small.  How in the world will we get it all done?  And if you're anything like me, you have a constant 'to do list' rolling through your mind and a physical one lying on the kitchen counter you wrote out last night before bed. 

It is always such an encouragment to me to read how others do life and how they reach success in certain areas.  {That's why I'm so thankful for blogs!} So I'll share some ideas I've read recently and a few I've come up with on my own to help me not feel so small when looking at my never-ending to-do list:::
  • Make a list.  What?!  I just said that made me feel overwhelmed!  But when used in a healthy way, lists can be encouraging.  There's a certain sense of accomplishment when you can actually mark through a goal.  It satisfies me.  And sometimes to break those goals up into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals helps reduce the pressure ;-)
  • Use sticky notes.  Again, if you're like me, you tend to be very forgetful.  I love a sticky note.  They're so handy.  For instance, if you're trying to lose 5 lbs. stick one on the refrigerator and remind yourself to make wise choices.  Or if you're trying to speak kind words to your sweet peeps, stick them on your kitchen cabinets with Bible verses about the value of your speech.  Or if your trying to be more encouraging, stick one in your child's lunch box telling them how much you love them.   Or on hubby's mirror reminding how him how proud you are of him.
  • Have an accountability partner.  I've just recently learned that to have a truly life-changing spiritual life, you must have accountability.  We never outgrow the need for personal accountability.  "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." ~ Prov. 27:17  I figure the same goes for our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  Whether it be your spouse, a friend, or sister have someone that can encourage you to stay on track.
  • Keep things reasonable.  I will admit I probably struggle with this one.  I decide I'd like to lose weight and somehow think that once I've decided it, I should be able to wake up the next day and be down 10 lbs.  It doesn't happen that way.  Be realisitic.  Be patient with yourself.  {And those you share home with.}
  • Be intentional.  Intentional was my one word last year.  Since I chose that word, it seems I've been haunted by it. Just kidding.  But really I have found that if I want to truly make changes in  my life I have to be very intentional about EVERYthing.  Every choice, every action, every decision, every word, and every thought.  Basically in every aspect of my life.  It takes a lot of discipline.  Just to clear things up, I still have lots of work to be done on that one!
With that being said, I'll share this ....

"The profession of motherhood is all about influence. You and I have an incredible opportunity to influence the next generation by what we do as a mother every day. This is why intentionality is so important during the years that we raise our family. Be intentional about your own healing from life's hurts. Be intentional about taking care of yourself. Be intentional about investing in your marriage. Be intentional about parenting. Be intentional about homemaking. Intentionality increases influence, and influence is something God asks us to be intentional about. We cannot underestimate the power of mother love, the value of home and the significance of our intentional presence in the home."

One of my favorite bloggers, Joy at Grace Full Mama speaks about living an intentional life here.
Finally, a warning to any of you that may possibly be planning to visit us soon and fit any of the below descriptions... BEWARE:::



"A river cuts through rock, not because of it's power, but it's persistance." - Jim Watkins



Anonymous said...

Good stuff!! Just ordered My Heart's at Home by Jill Savage yesterday after hearing her on FAITH radio! Can't wait for it to get here!!


Beth said...

I want to read it after you!!!!

Between You and Me said...

loved this post...thank you so much for stopping by my gave me a chance to come over to yours!

You have a precious mother's heart...praying God's blessings on your sweet family this year.

Your kiddos are your little boy's name! Our oldest is named Luke.

Tracey said...

Thank you for sharing your heart in such a supportive way to other moms! I totally agree with you! Truly ... every MOMent counts! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for brightening my day! Big Hug! Tracey ~ @ Be The Mom

Beth said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! Y'ALL are so much encouragement to me, you have no idea!!!!!!