Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Playing with Grammie's waterhose...

Watering her flowers...

Happy Birthday Grammie! We love you!!!


Dawn said...

You Are God’s Masterpiece

God longs for us to be like a well watered garden, flourishing, full of joy, always in blossom. Yet many times, due to situations that are happening in our lives, we don’t necessarily feel like we are in full blossom, rather we feel like we’re in a dry spell.

When this happens, instead of giving up and accepting your present circumstance as your lot in life, decide to praise God more than you ever have. In the Bible, the psalmist said, “I will keep on hoping for You to help me. I will praise You more and more.” When we decide to give God praise, something powerful and supernatural happens. Peace, joy and divine favor begin to rain down over our lives.

By praising God at all times, what happens in the natural with rain, will be the same spiritually over your lives; a cloud can only hold so much condensation, so many vapors, before it releases. In the same way, when you keep sending up praise, you keep singing, “God is good all the time,” that cloud can only hold so much before the blessings come bursting back down. When you stay full of praise, God’s blessing will begin raining down, making sure that you are always in blossom; causing you to bloom where you’re currently planted, even if you’re in a dry spell!

Thank you for your friendship. I enjoyed our visit today and our chat. It's nice to know someone you can relate to. I Love watching John Luke grown on y our blog spot. Take care and enjoy the book (let me know how you like it) and downloading music! And by all means, let's get another gun!!! ;-)

Beth said...

Thank You Dawn!!!! I am soooo happy to see you commenting. You should start a blog. You would be amazing at this blogging thing! With all your computer knowledge you might could even give your "computer dumb" sister-in-law a few lessons!!!

That was beautiful what you wrote. Did you write that? It was nice visiting with you guys. I enjoyed it! Thanks for the computer help!

And yes, by all means let's get another gun and go on all those fun trips as well! In fact, we might could find a gun and/or another 4-wheeler on the trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Kimberly said...

Hey! John Luke looks like he's having so much fun! Dawn your comment was awesome! You have always been good with words! I love yall!