Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas program & two cute munchkins ...

John Luke's Christmas program was last Sunday night and as usual our little entertainer made us laugh so hard it hurt! He was way more into dancing, and jumping off the stage, and stomping his feet, and looking around at everyone else than he was into singing! He did hit one note and held it out several more counts than anyone else! It was absolutely precious to us... I'm sure Mrs. Kristen, and Mrs. Heather didn't think his show was quite as funny as we did! Oh well, it was great entertainment to say the least!

Here he is getting ready for his show...he was super excited!
The two cute munchkins I mentioned earlier. We were in John Luke's room this week just hanging out, and he drug his little rocker out and sat down. Then he says "Wanna sit with me, Allie Baby?" "Come on, that'll be fun!" So I sit her up in his lap and she thinks he's right, it is pretty fun. Then John Luke says,"Go get the camera Mama." So here they are...
And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN, a.k.a Daddy!!! (It was actually yesterday, Dec. 23rd, I'm just a little behind!). Anyway, we love you very much! And we are sooooooooo thankful God gave us another year with you to celebrate! You are the absolute BEST!

Merry Christmas y'all! It's here!!


Riley said...

Beth, You know better. I thought it was absolutely hysterical. It wouldn't be a preschool program without some serious action. I was just glad Jacob decided not to slug Luke for elbowing him through the entire thing! It was priceless and if you can burn me a copy of it I'd be most appreciative! Hope y'all have a good week and maybe we can get together next week when we're home for a couple of days. Jack's b'day and party are Thursday night the 7th so mark your calendar. Love y'all and Happy Birthday John!...sorry, I just realized RG was signed in and not me---Kristen

The Wilson's said...

They are just precious and it looked like J.L was having a blast! Happy belated b-day to John! I hope you have many blessing in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Those two kids are a mess!
Love, Mamy