Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Months

Our Allie Beth is now 6 months old, today! Wow! I learned with John Luke that time really does flys by, but I think with the 2nd one, time is going even faster!! She weighs 14 lbs. 11 ozs. She has really started playing. She loves to be on the floor with all her toys, and it's even better when someone is playing with her! She doesn't miss a thing her big brother does. She is scooting around all over the won't be much longer and this girl is gonna be crawling! Which is really not too exciting to me, because that just means she's getting bigger! Still not sleeping through the night... I just keep praying!I have threatened to let her cry it out, but I just can't bring myself to actually do it. (And her daddy really can't do it!) Today was the first day we have tried official baby food, and she is not a fan! Although she loves some chocolate chip cookie dough icecream! (she's got the same tastebuds as all her family members!) Her personality is really coming out...I'm afraid she is going to be a little demanding and just like I figured, spoiled rotten!!! In six more months, we will have a 1 year old! I really cannot believe it!

This morning I told John Luke that Allie Baby was 6 months old today. So when she woke up, and we went to get her, he climbed up in her bed and said, "Happy Birthday, Allie Baby!"


Heather said...

That's sweet, I love the first picture of her and JL. It looks like she is just so excited to have JL with her.

Lori said...

She's precious! I'm also impressed that you guys haven't tried baby food until now AND that she's in her own bed with the no crying. With Jack, we were giving him table food at 3 months b/c I heard it would help him sleep:) He was also in our bed so all we had to do was roll over the 10 or 20 times a night he woke up! Hat's off to you!! We could never let him cry either. The one time we said we WERE going to do it, he was still crying an hour and 1/2 later. I figured if he was going to cry with me holding him all night, then he would definately cry in bed without me and it made me feel better to hold him. On a good note, he sleeps like a champ now so these days will pass:) Hope she starts sleeping for you guys and Happy Birthday Allie Beth!!

Lynn Castleberry said...

That is sooo sweet! You are definitely right about time flying by. Madison is four and it seems like just last week we were bringing her home from the hospital.

Lori Griffin said...

What precious pictures! I can't believe Allie Beth is already six months! John Luke is such a good big brother too!