Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Can't you tell that is a cheesecake? It looks just like one! Last night I was on the computer, and somehow I got to a page that had a picture of a cheesecake. I said, "Man that looks good!" (John Luke was sitting in my lap). He said, "Mama, I want a cheesecake!" And he kept saying it over & over & over. John was sitting on the couch talking to us as we were on the computer, so I told John Luke that I couldn't make him a cheesecake right then but I bet daddy could make him one. So they ran off to the kitchen. Little did I know they were actually "making" a cheesecake. This is what John Luke was bringing to me when I came around the corner! A cheesecake!
And these were their ingredients...


Nan said...

Is that his "say cheese" face to go along with his cheesecake? To have been a fly on the wall! Love ya, Nan

mandy said...

So creative! Love that smile!

Mamy said...

Looks delicious! I know you had a bite, right?:) Love yall!