Monday, February 1, 2010

We've been sick/bored...

and we're going a little stir crazy!
nice snotty nose...
I'm trying to figure out why all of my pictures are turning out so blurry. It may possibly be because John Luke got the crazy idea to throw my camera across the floor! I really wish I could talk my husband into thinking it was time for a new one...haven't had much luck so far!

Hope to be up and out of here very soon!!! We love home, but it is so time for some new scenery!

**After looking through several of my last posts, I have noticed that ABC is wearing the exact same onesie in almost all of them! I promise I do wash clothes, and she does get changed!!!


Shonna said...

Hoping y'all get better soon!! With all this pretty weather, we are wanting to get out and play while the 'cat' is away...then it is back to working on the house when he gets home:)

Beth said...

We would LOVE to get out and play! Yesterday was the 1st time we have really been out of the house more than just riding up the road and back in forever! Maybe if the weather stays pretty we can make a playdate!

mamy said...

That picture of JOhn Luke with the remote is just like a man! He is already propped back chillin in his chair! Love my little man!