Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I like best about my family

An essay written by an 11 year old boy...

My mother keeps a cookie jar in the kitchen and we can help ourselves, except we can't if it's too close to meal time. Only dad can anytime. When he comes home from the office, he helps himself no matter if it is just before we eat. He always slaps my mother on the behind, and brags about how great she is and how good she can cook. Then she turns around and they hug. The way they do it, you'd think they just got married or something! It makes me feel good. This is what I like best about my family.

They're watching us more than we know!

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aheywood2 said...

What a delight you are :)! Thanks for linking to the bible study, it is an honor to have you along. Can't wait to get your feedback!