Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm just a girl

I'm a girl that has way more to do today than I can count, and no motivation to do it.

I'm a girl that loves January because of the newness that it brings.  But today the warmer air gives me Spring fever.  I want green grass, blooming flowers, warm sunshine, and late afternoon breezes. 

Source: hgtv.com via Barbara on Pinterest

I'm a girl whose house is filled with the smell of homegrown peas cooking on the stove and wishing I had way more of them left in the freezer than I do.

I'm a girl who desperately wants to find a solution for sleepless children who wander in and out of my bed ALL night long!



I'm a girl who loves not many things more than warm sunshine shining through the windows and a cool breeze blowing through the house.

I'm a girl who needs to be reminded that real love comes with no strings, so my chalkboard says, "The true measure of loving...is to love without measure."




I'm a girl that loves progress.


{little progress beats no progress :-)}

I'm a girl that heard a story today that has left me broken.  Sad.  Inspired.  Thankful.

I'm a girl who woke up this morning feeling sorry for myself, and was then bopped over the head by God.  Literally.  It felt like it.

I'm a girl who is forever grateful that God allowed me to be born in a free country where women and children are treated as human beings and not slaves.  Where we are cared for and loved and not brutally beaten, sexually mutilated, starving, and homeless.  Where we are protected from those unimaginable acts.

I'm a girl who is heart-broken for those women and children who are not so blessed.  Who are and will be raped multilple times a DAY, sexually mutilated with sticks and left for dead.  Not only the women but CHILDREN are treated no differently!

Make Way Partners slideshow

Listen to Focus on the Family to hear Kimberly Smith's personal story.

I'm a girl who wishes with all my being that I could rescue every single one of those precious children and beautiful women and bring them to my world!

***Mute the playlist at the very bottom of this blog before playing the video.
I'm a girl who feels completely overwhelmed.  What in the world can I do?  What in the world can we do?

Please, please, please visit Make Way Partners.  There is so much information to help us learn and understand what is actually happening RIGHT now as you read this, and what we can actually DO to make a difference!

I'm a girl much like most of you.  One who lives in my own little world, consumed with my own little routines, doing my own little life. 

While there's a girl somewhere with no hope to be in her own little world, doing her own little routine, living her own little life.

I'm a girl, counting...counting...counting my blessings.


Lori Griffin said...

The hall & kids' bath looks great!! Maybe you could come help me with my utility room!! Have a great day!

Beth said...

Thanks Lori! I'm always game for decorating! Especially the shopping part:) At the junk store!

Nancy, Jeremy, and Jack said...

Great catching up with you today Beth:-)

Beth said...

Thanks Nancy! You too:)

Anonymous said...

Beth, love the white hallway!! Painted my utility room and hallway last week. Looks so much better. Ready to tackle something else! Actually have shelving in my utility room now!! It only took 6 1/2 years is all!! LOL!


Beth said...

Good for you! What color did you paint? I have loved my white walls!!! Makes everything so much brighter! The sun reflects off them and brightens everything up:) And yay for shelves! Makes life a little easier! Love your desk and all the junk finds! LOVE me some junk:)