Friday, January 20, 2012


" Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start a brand-new ending."
-----Carl Bard 


I have decided I like January.  JaNEWary.

It's so...quite.  After so much fuss with Thanksgivng and then Christmas, it's nice to have quite.

But it's also needed.  It's the time for fresh and new.  And we all need fresh and new.

It's a time for daring yourself to do more.  Or less.  To do better.   Be better.

" is either a daring adventure or nothing."
----Helen Keller

It's a time to determine to be determined.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."
----George Eliot

January is a time of laying down roots.  Forming new habits.  Making new promises.  Or resolutions.  Or goals.  Or whichever you prefer.


January is like my husband.  He isn't afraid to do the work.  Likes to help others.  Loves to be a part of accomplishing a task.  But never wants to be in the spotlight.   He's a behind-the-scenes kinda guy. 

January is a behind-the scenes kinda month.  It lays the ground work for all the other months following, but receives no glory.



It's the time when we make the most effort. 

We eat healthier.   We wake earlier.  We speak kinder.  We forgive faster.
We read more. We give more.  Of our time.  Ourselves.  Our treasures.



 We clean out.  Reorganize.  Re-think.


We love deeper.  We try harder.  We reach wider. 
We look ahead....for better days to come.



"My children will not remember the words of wisdom
 I've passed along over the years,
nor will yours remember the good advice you've given.
However, etched in their minds and planted in their hearts
is a permanent picture of who you are
and how you've lived before them."
------Dorothy Kelley Patterson

Happy JaNEWary~


Anonymous said...

I am not a lover of January but I guess you are right about the quiet! Today we are taking advantage of our almost Summer conditions here in MS to CLEAN UP!!!!

Rebecca T.

Beth said...

We are doing the SAME thing today! Inside and out! It feels awesome outside~