Monday, March 5, 2012

Hairy... how do you deal?

Rainy days are usually not my favorite.  I like sunshine.   I need sunshine.   Vitamin D does a body good.   Lately, vitamin D via sunshine has been scarce.  But has been purrrrfect.   Thankful today for a sunshiney day with a headache on top.   Oh well, can't have it all.


Since this post was not intended to be about sunshine, I'll move right along.


This weekend the boys had a "no girls allowed" day to Monster Jam.  So me and Miss Priss had a day to ourselves.  Since the day was rainy and cold once again, we stayed in and put on lipstick.  Very bright reddish pink lipstick.  The entire tube of very bright reddish pink lipstick.



Apparently, this is her color.  Because....last weekend, Sunday morning of all days, she rid me of an entire bottle of bright reddish pink fingernail polish.   Sunday morning.   Now, if you go to church, have a family of little people, a husband, and must be at church by 10 o'clock because you have a Sunday School class full of little critters waiting on their teachers, then you know exactly what I mean by "Sunday! Really!? Of all days, you chose Sunday!!!! No, Lord, this can't be happening!"   And let me also add here that she was completely dressed and ready for church when the incident took place.  


No I do not have a picture to prove this story.   I did good to refain myself from doing things that you read or hear about on the 9 o'clock news.   I'm documenting it here.   Besides it is engrained into my memory.  No chance of forgetting.


Just imagine a house covered in bright reddish pink nail polish.  Once you have that picture, add a little blonde-haired 2 year old girl with her pretty Sunday outfit on, with bright reddish pink nail polish all over her.

It all unfolded in less than 90 seconds.

John Luke calmly walks into the kitchen and says, "Daddy, Allie Beth is going to be in BIG trouble."   You imagine the rest of the story.


John went to Freds and bought 19 bottles of fingernail polish remover.   That's no lie either.  I have the receipt to prove it.  I apologize if you were out Sunday morning at Freds and fingernail polish remover was on your list.   It was at my house.   Every last stinkin' bit of it.   Good thing I like to sniff  unusual  things that say "do not inhale".   I was inhaling.   With each big breath, I was pleading to God to help me not be on the 9 o'clock news.   Then I passed the job along to the husband, and he inhaled.   And scrubbed.   And inhaled.   And scrubbed.   All the while saying, "Beth, calm down.  It's done.  It's really not the end of the world."  So glad he could give me such comforting words.

The thing of it is, he was right.   It was done.  It was over.  And it's just a house.  Furniture.   Carpet.  Tile.  Wood.  A toilet.  A tub.  Clothes.  All replaceable.  Worse things happen.   I am very well aware of that.  It was only a bit after the fact that I really stopped to think about it that way.   The sreaming and snatching and all the yuck had already taken place.  I tend to do it that way.  Usually I realize after the fact.  I really don't like that about myself.


Believe it or not, most of the pretty mess came up.  Just a few spots left on the white rug in the living room, and we're still waiting out the verdict on the clothes.

Do you struggle on Sundays?   I know life is hectic and children are unpredictable everday.  But there's one thing for sure.  It's gonna be extra hairy on Sunday.  No matter how many preparations are made in advance, it's gonna be hairy.   I accept it.   Now, just tell me how to deal with it.....

Happy Monday friends~


Anonymous said...

Our Sundays seem very similar!!!

Nancy, Jeremy, and Jack said...

Oh, yeah. My house has a lot of challenges on Sunday. Glad most of it came up.

Robin said...

Oh my....I would have been on the news. 19 bottles....WOW :( God bless you!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

She's SO cute!

And I'm with you on the sunshine thing. It seems to do me a world of good to feel a little warmth on my cheeks. Spring's creeping up! Woot.