Friday, March 30, 2012

"He knows it's scary to be us."

"Yes, beloved, He does.   He does not take lightly that some of us were raised in a veritable madhouse.   He does not take lightly that some of us have been mentally berated or physically beaten or sexually abused or simply abandoned.   He does not take lightly that some of us are still trying to recover from that midnight phone call.    He does not take lightly that some of us were born with legs that don't work.   Or eyes that can't see.   Or ears that can't hear.   He does not take lightly that some of us have endured the cancer treatment of our very own children.   He does not take lightly that some of us, Lord help us, have buried our own children.

He knows it's scary to be us.

The thunder crashes in the heavens, and the earth grows dark in the middle of the afternoon, and a man, beaten to a bloody pulp, cries from a cross between two thieves, "It is finished!"   Because He did, one day God will wipe away every tear from the eyes of those who trusted Him, and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things will pass away and all our hardship will be finished.
                                 ........................... So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore 

With my most favorite holiday quickly approaching, I'm thinking about an old rugged cross, and then most importantly, an empty tomb.  

I love Easter!   I love everything about it.

And I loved these two paragraphs from Beth Moore's book So Long, Insecurity.   In whatever you may be struggling with today, take comfort in knowing He knows.   He knows it's scary.   He knows it's hard.   He knows. day because He knows, "all our hardship will be finished!"

Hope you find something to enjoy this weekend :)


The Starr Family said...

Beautiful Beth. And quite frankly, the very words I needed to read. I have taken quite the hiatus from blogging, even reading blogs... and wouldn't you know this is one of the very first I've read, thanks for the instant encouragement. We have so very much on our plate, as so many do, these words resonate!

Hope you are doing well and preparing for our RISEN LORD!

Beth said...

Awwww Kate, I'm so sorry y'all are having a hard time right now. But I'm glad you could be encouraged by these words! I have been missing you in blogland and wondered if you had quit. Glad to know you haven't and understand needing the break. I pray that you and your family find peace in the hope that Easter gives us!!!!! He Is Risen! Hallelujah!

paige said...

come visit today....