Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Birthday?

Oh Yes! Today is Aunt Amy's birthday! She is 22 years old! Unbelieveable! I sometimes still think of her as that little girl with those big long eyelashes that looked like spider legs, that went around everywhere in her tap shoes and too-too saying "Look at me, Daddy!" She still has those outrageous eyelashes and she still likes to be the center of attention! And believe me, she starts reminding you of her birthday on the 1st day of August and keeps celebrating until the last day of August! So, today we want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT AMY! WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!


Anonymous said...

Amen to everything you said! Amy has the most gorgeous eyes ever..... AND LOVES to be the center of attention!! I'm surprised I don't have to go to a shrik from lack of attetion because Amy stole it ALL!! Every time a camera was pulled out I was pushed to the side (by Amy) and watch her jump around and say look at me! look at me! But even after all that I still love her and would not take anything for her!! I LOVE YOU Amy!! Happy Birthday big sis!! Your the best anybody could ask for.
Kimberly (your favorite little sister! HAHA)

Anonymous said...

I miss spelled a few words I promise I know how to spell I was just in a hurry!! Don't make fun of me Beth! love ya!

jeff and rebecca said...

Happy birthday "Apple Jacks". You are a beautiful and precious angel and we love you very much! Happy Birthday.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Amy! I hear her on the celebrating all month long! That's a good birthday! Hope it's all great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the special Birthday gift! That was very sweet and I feel very special! I love all those pictures of ME!! Love you and thank you!!:) Love, Amy (camera hog)

Anonymous said...

Beth, I love to look at your page and watch John Luke growing up so big. As I was looking at the pics I can see more and more resemblance to you. His nose looks excally like yours. I miss you and John Luke. We need to plan a time to get together. I love you!! Give John Luke kisses for me!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! I love you so very much!!!
Beth, it was an extremely thougthful birthday surprise for Amy to be the center of attention on your blog. I'm sure she enjoyed ever second of it!
Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

I was priviledged to spend part of Amy's not-so-happy birthday with her, but I'm sure all that stuff disappeared when she saw her special birthday blog from her big sis. That was very sweet of you.
Aunt Vickie

Anonymous said...

We wish Amy J a GREAT big belated birthday wish and a hug and a kiss too!! Kelley

I love you. I hope you have a good day there(at troy)and a kiss for you. You need to come one day and see my dolls and my puppy and my playroom.See you soon , Happy Birthday I love you, Amy D

p.s. Allie is already in bed but saw all the pics earlier and says Happy b-day Amy J I love you Allie