Monday, August 4, 2008

Just to Pass Along...

I heard this man on Focus on the Family today and thought he had some awesome advice for all parents. He wrote the book "Have a New Kid By Friday" and gave some wonderful insights on parenting. In the book {and also on the broadcast}, he gives simple, practical tips any parent can use. Not only for "bad" behavior kids but for all children. His strategies help the parents keep order and peace in the home. I found this to be a great encouragement and wonderful resource. Even with only one child, I find myself needing "help" and can only imagine what it will be like as our family grows! Dr. Kevin Leman will be on the broadcast all week if anyone would like to listen. You can click on the title below and it will take you to the webpage.

Have a New Kid By Friday - Fatherhood - Parenting - Focus on the Family

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Anonymous said...

Focus has some awesome programming. I love Dr.Dobson, I think he is a very wise man. He is greatly used of the Lord. It blesses my heart to know you are listening in! I love you Beth, Mama