Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a Simple, Fun Day

Don't you love days when you get to just relax and enjoy your family? I do, and thankfully today was one of those days. John went to work early this morning for a couple of hours so when John Luke woke up I made us some breakfast and we played for a while. Then he took his morning nap and I DID TOO! It was lovely! When John came home around lunch, we ate sandwiches and then rode the Ranger all over Carolina. Of course John Luke was in heaven. The weather wasn't too bad as long as we were moving and every once in a while there was a nice breeze. When we got back home, John Luke played in the water hose and chased me and John around trying to wet us. We took showers and decided we would go eat at Beef O' Brady's since it was early and maybe there wouldn't be such a long wait. So we did and there was not a wait and the food was actually really good. I got a club wrap and fries and it was delicious. Another bonus was we got to see some of the Auburn game... War Eagle! When we got home we got in our pj's and played some more with our sweet man. He is now in the bed and I am headed that way myself. Couldn't get any better than that! {At least not in my opinion; we are some homebodies!} So, I am off to bed. These are some pictures I took today. Just thought I'd share. Good Night!

This is his new favorite face.

This pose reminds me of those silly birds on The Little Mermaid. The ones that are sitting on top of the post. I used to love that movie!

"Would you like some of your drink, Mama?" "I have pretty much gulped it all down!"

What a BIG BOY!~


jeff and rebecca said...

What a sweet boy! I really wish we lived closer so I could see him more. Better yet, Will could teach him a trick or two!!!! Wouldn't you just LOVE that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like my kind of day! Next time how bout call the aunts up to play!! John Luke must have really taken my little directions to heart! He was soooooo sweet to me at the jewelry party! He couldn't stop giving me big fat slobbery kisses! I was in heaven.
love, aunt kimberly

Anonymous said...

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the best days! It sounds like you had my kind of lazy summer day, but your daddy doesn't ever take time for that kind of fun. Today was Mother and Daddy's 58th wedding anniversary. I bet you didn't know that. Love, Nan