Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet As Can Bee

Man, her hair looks red!

Sweet as can bee, but not so happy about it...
1st date...with daddy
Hangin' out with brother...
He's a cool cat...she's a hungry little birdie
John Luke's new calf 'John Luke' & his other cow 'John Luck'. (John Luck tagged by Papa...we have no idea)Photobucket
One sweet little bee is not too excited about our adventure in the cow pasture...
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!


Lori said...

Allie Beth sure does have a lot of hair. Jack didn't have hardly any forever! Cute pictures!

Julie said...

Precious.....has AB's little issue been resolved?!?! :)

Lynn Castleberry said...

Cute pics!! Big brother seems to be adjusting well.

The Wilson's said...

They are both so precious! My girls hair looked red for awhile too!

Anonymous said...

sweet, sweet...i miss them so much already!
Love, Mamy

jeff and rebecca said...

she has alot of nice hair for bows!!! John Luke seems to be taking things in stride!!! I hope you are feeling back to normal too!