Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so I don't condone the lifestyle of Ellen DeGeneres, but I couldn't help but watch this clip from her show today. These are the back-up dancers for what was going to be Michael Jackson's last tour "This is it". No matter the opinion on Michael Jackson, I must admit he was the most talented dancer God ever created! And these people are pretty darn good themselves. Oh, How I would love to be able to move like this!!! It just makes me want to jump up and DANCE! How much fun would that be?!?!

The eyebrows...straight from her daddy. My mother says I frowned just like this, I'm not sure about that, but I do know her daddy sure does!!!
John Luke's new favorite seat...perched right on top of the coffee table, right on top of our wedding album. Makes no difference to him what he is eating or drinking. For instance here it is a melting popsicle. Will I ever not care about the mess????
And finally, thank you to Grammie Sue and Papa Wayland for the sweet Halloween cards!
He was reading his to me...
Have a great weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful time with their little trick-or-treaters!!


Carrie said...

Those are some sweet, sweet pics. of your little ones. Thank you for all your prayers. Hope you have a fun Halloween with your little treats!

Anonymous said...

Both of your babies are so beautiful!!!!!!!! Looks like you have your hands full!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I can't move like that but you know I love to dance!!!! I've got JP and Sawyer joining in with me now. LOL!! Love your babies! They are sooooo beautiful! I love you, too!

Sissy said...

Allie Beth has the most beautiful lips!!! It looks like she has on lipstick!! Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you at the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest little light skinned girl...hmmmm kinda like somebody I know!