Friday, March 5, 2010

What could be any more fun...

than a Big Red Tractor in your backyard??!!! John Luke was playing in his sandbox this morning and all of a sudden I hear squealing. So I run to the back door and look out and he is standing on the picnic table saying, "Look, Look Mama! Mr. Russell is feeding my cows!" [Apparently since the cows are behind his house, they now belong to him!] So, Mrs. Kriss, pass the word along to Mr. Russell we will take good care of his/John Luke's cows!
Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

*[Mamy & Mamy K... Do y'all remember Happy Friday?!?!?]


mamy k said...

How could we forget!!!! HHHHHHHAAAAAPPPPYYYYY FRIDAY!!! Cute pics!! love ya'll!!

jeff and rebecca said...

He is growing up waaaayyyy too fast. I promise soon, you will be sending him off to school. Time just goes by swiftly. Love you guys and would love to see you!

Mamy said...

I still say it to Julia when she leaves for school now! I will never forget that! Maybe next time Mr. Russell can stop and let John Luke ride! Had a good time tonight even though I was glad when we finally put the van in park!! Love you!

Nan said...

Precious, Nan's little man does love him some tractors or any heavy equipment. It's in his DNA! God bless that boy!!! Loving you, Nan