Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday day early

1. Wow! This has been one crazy busy week. Swimming lessons bright and early each morning and then VBS. It's been fun!

2. Everyday this week the kiddos have slept for around 4 hours each afternoon. And still went to bed at a decent hour every night. I think they may be a little pooped;)

3.  I really like McDonalds. Lately we have been frequent visitors. The family can eat for $12.81  And no matter how hard you try, there's no way to beat those fries! {in our opinion}

4. Check out my newest craze for yourself and see how awesome....

5.  Our blueberry bushes are fried.

6. The squash is growing like wild.

7. The tomatoes are finally looking hopeful.

8. John has bought a boat. He decided we need some new family fun. He's got a few minor additions to make to it {like a motor, seats, and paint} and then she's ready. We're excited to try it out! Isn't she a beauty?

9.  Waitin' on the rain.........

10. I'm going to be an aunt.... sometime around December 15th.

11. I'm so very glad I can now say that outloud:))

12.  I told John Luke he was going to have a cousin to play with. He said (very nonchalantly ofcourse}, "Who is it gonna be?" He is clueless. I guess he should be since this is our first rodeo {with cousins that is}. Then I explained that Mamy was having a baby. He said, "Her tummy is going to be fat like yours!" We are thrilled!

Haaaaaaaaaaappppy Friday!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! Four hour naps and going to bed on time? That is stuff that dreams are made of. :-) My two youngest had short naps today because of having company over for the afternoon. Bedtime was still a struggle, BUT they are sleeping soundly now-- what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Wow WHAT A WEEK! I am so happy we are having a new addition to the family! Congrat Auntie Beth and family! love ya, Aunt LISA

The Starr Family said...

Those kiddos are adorable... and what fun with a new cousin! We are expecting our latest cousin addition in 1 month!!!

ps... feel free to mention the baby showers ideas you asked about. ANYTIME! :)

Beth said...

Thanks Kate!