Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's a woman to do?

I will start by warning you all that this long and may seem wordy to some. But I am pretty much a woman of words. I like details. I like examples. I like the whole cake. Not just a piece. So, with that said, I will continue. 

Being a woman is overwhelming to me. Lots of days I feel inadequate.  Frustrated.  Burdened by responsiblities.  By the feeling of failure.  By demands thrown from every direction. So for me a little refresher is much needed. It's like a tall glass of ice water on a really hot day. One of those that just "hits the spot."

I'm sure if you look at this blog, you have noticed all of my links to various radio broadcasts and websites. They are extremely important to me because right now especially, I get my "food" from them. Spiritual food of course. I am very grateful they exist.

Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge, has been my go-to lately. It seems maybe as though he is my mentor in this season of life. So I will go ahead and give credit where credit is due. These next thoughts are most definitely not mine. They are his. I just felt so impressed to share them.  I certainly hope that you will check out his website for yourself, but I also know that most of you are just like me and time is a very valuable asset. So for now, read the condensed version and later go to and be blessed!

So with all of that mumbo jumbo behind us, here is what I have been engrossed in lately.........

The title of this particular series is What's a Woman to Do? And it is on Chip's May edition of Coffee Break.
He is addressing women, obviously, and the many roles we play. This is meant for encouragement and refreshment.

A woman's top three priorities:
1. nurture 2. protection 3. provision
Prov. 31:10-12
Titus 2:3-5
A wife and/or mother is the chief operating officer of the home. {Not to say she is the"boss". Nor in any way to say she should take over the man's role as the leader in the home.} God calls us to be a helpmate.

1. To support, affirm, and empower her husband to fulfill his God-given calling both within and outside the home.  {Genesis 2:18}
-Men are in desparate need of honor and respect to fulfill what God made them.
-When a wife encourages her husband, she gives fuel to his soul and strength to his spirit.
-The wife is the most powerful influence in the home.
-The role is that of a champion. A teammate.

Five practical outworkings of being the champion in your relationship with your husband:
a. Make time with God your #1 priority.
There are demands and pulls from every direction. It is an impossible job to do without regular time with God.
b. Pray regularly for your husband. {Prov. 21:1}
God can change the heart of your husband.
c. Plan for him daily.
Demands on a woman's time are overwhelming and unrelentless.
Plan communication. Plan attention. Plan love to nurture your marriage. 
---a little note ---text message ---e-mail ---dinner alone ---word of encouragement
d. Prepare for him.
Men are visual. Make time to be attractive.
Deep down a man doesn't feel affirmed, respected or valued unless he feels like he's attractive to his wife. So tell him. Show him.
e. Protect your time with him.
Your husband is the #1 human being that has priority in your life.
You get what you invest in.

Step in and love your husband in ways that are meaningful to him whether he responds or not. Because you are doing it as an act of worship to God and when you do it, HE will give you the grace.

2. Create an environment in the home that nurtures and developes your children to fulfill God's will for their lives.
-The wife/mother is the core of the home.
-A mother is the most influential person in anyone's life.
-What happens in the home will impact your children's lives for all of this life and all of eternity and therefore your community and all the people around them.
-80% of a child's personality and 90% of their moral development is formed in the first 6 years of life.

The practical outworking is:
1. Model Christ's dependency.
-Your children in the end will not do what you say, but will do what you do.
2. Pray fervently.
-Pray that God will do great things in them and through them.
3. Create structures and scheduled times that make family life a priority.
*Speed kills relationships*
-That which is hoped for never ever happens. That which is scheduled likely occurs.
**Everyone and everything is trying to tear apart the home. Be the "mother bear" that says, "You mess with my kids and you're messin' with me. And when you mess with me, you're messin' with God. And when you're messin' with God, you're in trouble."
-Don't allow friends, sports, work, someone else's demands, hobbies to take presidence over your primary responsiblity. You are the champion of your husband's world, and the mother of your children. Be the supernatural agent that creates an environment where love and life flourishes. Where joy happens. Where your family and home is more important than all that, that goes on out there.
4. Teach them how to live.
-You as the mother is the greatest teacher your child will ever have.
Teach them to:
*pray  *read   *to cook   *listen   *to celebrate   *to be generous   *to resolve conflict   *to play a sport/instrument   *how to relax and not feel guilty   *to love---to love people that are unlovely
5. Make time for them and be available.
***The best things in life are not on my official schedule!***

We will sew -----> then reap. But never sew and reap in the same season.

You get what you really want. It's in the conflict and the sacrifice of doing what matters most that a bond is made.

Doing life in the 21st century in God's design is awesome. It requires an upstream level of commitment. But you will be glad you did!

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It's a fabulous resource!


Polly said...

Great post! You may also want to check out: Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd, fabulous book.

Beth said...

Thanks! I have read that book! I don't know how I missed that on my list! Got anymore suggestions? I'm always open for good books:) And thanks for stopping by;)!