Thursday, February 2, 2012

Henrietta and Wally

Henrietta and her husband, Wally, had struggled for years with a troubled marriage.   The owner of the only bank in town, Wally was also the town's most tight-fisted miser.   His constant insistence that Henrietta curb her spending, along with this relentless bargain hunting, nearly drove his wife crazy.
Much to her surprise one day, Henrietta found a note addressed to her on her doorstep.   "Leave ten thousand dollars under the roots of the dogwood tree in the town square tonight," the note said, "or your husband will be kidnapped, and you will never see him again."   That night Henrietta went to the town square and left her reply under the dogwood tree:  "I don't have a hundred dollars, let alone ten thousand, but I am counting on you boys to keep your end of the deal."
                                                                -------Karol Ladd, The Power of a Positive Wife

Okay, so no marriage is perfect!  Although, I have to admit, Henrietta's solutions to her troubled marriage was creative.  Hopefully, I won't be offering up a reward for the kidnapping of John anytime soon :-) Maybe. Not.

No matter what condition our marriages are in, we have one common ground we can build on: the basic human need for companionship.  God made us that way.  So it's okay.

"Best friends make the best spouses."  -----Wilfred A. Peterson

  Nobody has it all together all of the time.  Do you find yourself asking questions like:::

"Why can't my marriage be like her's?"
"Why can't my husband be as supportive as her's?
"Why can't I be the wife she is to her husband?"
Why can't I love my husband like she does?"
"Why can't my husband do that for me?"
...And the list could go on FOR-EVAH!

The enemy will use these insecurities to destroy us!  But take heart, we have an advocate!

We can pray!  And we can pray big!

"Without exception, the most effective resource for any marriage is prayer.  While there are many tools and helps available for marriages these days, prayer is by far the most potent.  It has the ability to work in the hearts of the two most important players in a marriage---the husband and wife---faster and more strategically than any tool you can buy...."
                               ----------Will Davis Jr., Pray Big for Your Marriage

So sweet friends, learn with me.  And pray. Pray big.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." ------Beverly Sills


Nan said...

Enjoyed this post! Thank God for prayer. Isn't it awesome that the creator of the universe and beyond desires to meet with us!

The Starr Family said...

I could stomp my feet and raise the arms on this one... Amen.

He is miraculous in His everyday!!! We think we're in good 'Christian' marriages... but imagine the MIRACLES only HE could perform in these great relationships; if only we'd get on our knees daily and pray for them!

Anonymous said...

Good Post! Love you!

Rebecca T.