Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be my valentine

Valentine's Day is quite possibly my favorite holiday.  Okay, well maybe Easter is actually my favorite, but Valentine's Day is ranking pretty high.  I really like the way some think... Those that are of the opinion that Valentine's Day "should be everyday".  I would agree with that :-)  But really.   We all know that's not really how it is.  Face it.  Some days we have probably considered Henrietta's plan of action.

I love--- love.  Does that make any sense?  I am a girl that loves romance, quality time, and meaningful conversations.  I am the biggest fan of dating in marriage.  Dates are a beautiful thing.  A very beautiful thing.  They are a must for me.  I have come to realize they don't have to be fancy-smancy, out of town, expensive, or last all night to be great. It's not the money spent that makes it, it's the time spent.  I guess I'm saying it doesn't have to be big to be beautiful :-)


For the first several years of my marriage {which would be up until recently}, I thought with all of my being that John was totally responsible for the dates.  I thought that since he was the guy and back in the "courting" days he was the one that did the asking, that it should always be that way. Why should we change things now?  Well, I read something one day and it was the biggest 'duh' moment for me.

Please realize that your creativity is a key to opening the door of the Fun Department. Many wives wait for their husbands to initiate the fun. A wife may dream of a husband who sits around "dreaming up" creative and romantic events and outings (as if he isn't busy enough providing for the family, taking care of the finances and the upkeep of the home and car, being a good dad after he gets home from work....and on and on his list goes!) I had my wake-up call in this area when I was a seminary wife....who was sitting around waiting for my poor Jim, a full-time student with four part-time jobs, to "dream up" a little fun for the two of us. A guest speaker encouraged all of us wives to become "the planner of fun" for our marriage. He said, "You plan and prepare the picnic or whatever. I guarantee, your husband will show up and he will enjoy it. But don't wait for him to think of it!" So be creative! What will you plan first?
                                                       -------Elizabeth George, A Wife After God's Own Heart

That was an eye opener! Needless to say, we go on a lot more dates now! And believe it or not, since I have lightened up, he has started planning more dates on his own :-)


I don't know why God put this on my heart.  Maybe it can be encouraging to someone else.  Or maybe I'm just doing more rambling.  I guess in some crazy way, I feel like I'm having an adult converstion with you. Even though you're not sitting here with me.  And I can't see you or anyone for that matter.  And no one is talking back to me. {except in the comments of which I adore and read over and over.} But for this moderately insane stay-at-home mama, I need that kind of 'conversation'.

So, with the approaching "holiday", what will you plan fun for you and your Valentine?

"Talk" to ya' later :-)


Anonymous said...

Love this post! I love dates too and always look forward to them but never thought about planning a date myself! Sounds like fun; going to plan something fun for my Valentine's! Always enjoy reading your blog, I feel like I can relate!!:)
Amy Bryan

Beth said...

I know! I never thought about it myself....I just always assumed that was HIS job:) And thank you Amy, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog!

The Starr Family said...

BETH!! I could NOT find your email anywhere! Wanted to let you know that you are a.... winner ;) Go check out this post!

Beth said...

Kate!!! What?!!! I never win! I'm going to check it out now:-)