Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

John and I had our Christmas at home with John Luke on Christmas morning. John Luke got a Learn and Groove Musical Table and an Alphabet Drum. He seemed to like them both for about 5 minutes and then he was more interested in the wrapping paper, boxes, kitchen cabinets, or the bug he found in the corner. Maybe next year will be a little more exciting. We decided at this point it is definitely a waste of money to buy a bunch of toys because he gets more enjoyment out of the box it came in than the actual toy!

I got a new purse that I can fit all my stuff in and still have room for a diaper, bottle and wipes! Just what I needed!! I also got some Jessica McClintock perfume. John got a drill that he had been wanting and some Clinique Happy cologne. I love that stuff! I am so blessed with a loving and supportive husband, beautiful, healthy son and all the other "things" in life one could ask for. I just have to stop and say "Thank You Jesus!"

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