Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Parade

Last night was our town Christmas Parade. We had made plans to go watch but I sure did not know how many factors go into this parade ordeal. I think we changed our meeting place 3 times before we figured out the perfect spot and I believe we did end up in a good place. Our sweet friend Ben had saved us a place at his business and it worked out well. I said I was a newcomer to this parade business and was going to have to learn the ropes.
The kids had a good time but did not necessarily want their picture taken. We tried to get a good one of all four but they wouldn't all cooperate at the same time. The picture in the back of the truck is: Caroline, John Luke, Sawyer, and Maggie Ruth.
The sisters (and Jackson) even came by to hang out with us for a little bit. We tried to eat afterwards but I think everyone in Andalusia had the same idea so every restaurant we tried was packed out. Sorry sisters! We'll try again another time!

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