Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas with Grammie and Papa

John Luke and Caleb (John Luke-8 months, Caleb-10 1/2 months)
John Luke with Grammie
John Luke with Papa
John Luke with Granny. (John's grandmother)

We had Christmas with Grammie and Papa (formerly known as Wayland and Sue) last night. Jessica, Michael, and Caleb were home so John Luke got to play with Caleb. He always seems to be a little shy of Caleb to begin with but he eventually comes around and has fun playing. They got more toys than we could hardly put in the truck. I think the adults had more fun watching the kids than the kids did opening the gifts. Aunt Carol from Chicago was here for Christmas this year and that was nice. (Very nice as she would say.) Granny and Papa were able to join us for a little while. John Luke sat with Granny and observed. He likes to look around at his surroundings. Next year the boys will be talking and walking. That should be fun! With two healthy boys, all the gifts and good food, it is very clear that Jesus has blessed this family beyond measure. I want John Luke to always enjoy the fun of Christmas but also to never forget the REAL reason for Christmas!!

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