Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas With Nan and Grandpa

Amy, Brian, Dawn, Kimberly, Me, John
John Luke with one of his Christmas presents.
Mama (or Nan) with her Christmas present.
John Luke and Grandpa. (Please forgive the hat.)

We had Christmas with my family Christmas night. John Luke got a Laugh and Learn Learning Home, pop-up, and clothes. He liked to open and shut the door on his "mini house" and crawl through. I got money and a stocking full of stuff. John got money, "stuff", and an old double ax that daddy had restored from one he found at work. Everyone had a good time hanging out and watching John Luke. He is no doubt the center of attention at that house! After we opened presents we all played Cranium. Let me tell you that is not an easy game. John and I were on a team and needless to say we did not win! We seemed to always draw the wrong card. I must say John was pretty good at his drawings! I was terrible.

Papa and Granny were not able to be with us this year because Papa has been in the hospital. We all went up today and had our Christmas with them. He is doing better right now. I think Granny is the one we have to worry about. She is so stubborn and will not do what she needs to do to take of herself. Pray that Papa will get well and Granny will LISTEN!

Now that Christmas is over once again, what will we do? I'm sure it won't be hard to find something to keep busy. I think I need to go ahead and start getting ready for next year. It seems to always get here before I am ready. Have a Happy New Year!

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